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Title :君南風由来并位階且公事
Title alternative :Kimihae yurai narabini ikai katsu kuji
The history of Kimihae (Oki., Chinb?)
Authors :-
Abstract :1冊 写 17枚 唐紙
On the slip of paper bearing the title inside of this record is written Kimihae no yuraiki (The History of Kimihae/Oki., Chinb?), but its official title is Kimihae Yurai narabini Ikai katsu Kuji (The History of Kimihae/Chinb?, and Rank and Public Affairs). It is sometimes abbreviated to Kimihae Yuraiki.The text was completed between around 1697 and 1706, and contains information regarding Kimihae/Chinb?, the highest priestess of Kume Island, including their history, court rank and social status, and public affairs and ceremonies.It also records 23 songs called umui and kw?na. This is a very valuable reference book for understanding not only songs from the 1700s, but also Kimihae/Chinb?'s official duties and character. It is considered to be a written copy of the original text transcribed before the Meiji Period. The text has been damaged by insects, but the illegible parts are decipherable since its contents are almost the same as those of the book Kimihae no Shiso Denki.
Type Local :沖縄関係コレクション
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/10207
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