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Title :佐銘川大ぬし由来記
Title alternative :Samekawa oonushi yuraiki
History of Samekawa Oonushi
Authors :-
Abstract :1冊 写者及び年代不詳 11枚 みの罫紙 26cm
Records of the Ryukyuan Royal Family; History and legends of the first Sh? dynasty.It's written that Samekawa ?nushi came to Baten, took the Anji of ?shiro's daughter as a wife and had a child, Nawashiro Ufuya. Nawashiro Ufuya later took the daughter of Misatoshi as a wife, and their son was Sh? Hashi.Contents relate to the descendents of the son of Sh? Toku, the last king of the first Sh? Dynasty.At first it was thought that this copy was made at the government office of Sashiki, but it’s unclear who transcribed it. It’s also unknown when the copy was made.
Type Local :沖縄関係コレクション
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/10213
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