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Title :独物語並御扶持方定
Title alternative :Hitorimonogatari Narabini Ofushikata Sadame
Soliloquy and Salaries
Authors :城間, 恒通(写)
Abstract :1冊 年代不詳 41枚
Missing the beginning. The text comprises of copies of “Soliloquy” and “Legal Salaries”. When and by whom it was copied are unknown. “Soliloquy” is by Sai On who was working as a Sanshikan official in the year 1750. Originally made up of 55 articles written about the way he thought things ought to be within the Ryukyuan government. However, the beginning of the book is missing the first two articles, and the final article is also missing, so the full book is made up of 52 in total. Also, at the end of “Legal Salaries”, which is thought to be a copy, is written the date 1732, the time when Sai On was taking an active part as a Sanshikan; this was at the same time when the Sanshikan and the Regent’s joint signature was needed to formally declare anything. From there it gives details of the regulation of salaries given to people in official positions.
Type Local :沖縄関係コレクション
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/10245
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