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Title :南苑八景
Title alternative :Nanen hakkei
8 Picturesque Sights of Nanen
Authors :-
Abstract :1冊 83枚
琉歌集の写本。筆写年代・筆写者共に不明。南苑八景、春、夏、秋、冬、雅頌、懐古、逍遥、別離、羇旅、疱瘡歌、旅歌など、二二の部立に分けられ、総数725首の琉歌が収録されている。また本書は、小橋川朝昇が編集した『琉球大歌集』(原本の所在不明)をテキストとして編集されたと考えられ、田島利三郎が筆写した『琉球大歌集』(抄録)の欠損部分を補う資料と言える。<a href=http://ir.lib.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/handle/123456789/2367>池宮正治「『琉球大歌集』と『南苑八景』-補完と全貌-」(『日本東洋文化論集』第4号1998)</a>
A copy of a collection of Ryuka. By whom and when it was copied are not known. Nanen Hakkei is split into 22 parts, such as springs, summer, autumn, winter, etc, in total there are 725 songs recorded.It could be said that it can be used for filling in the missing parts of the “Collection of Ryuka” (selection) that was copied by Tajima Risabur?, as it’s thought that the “Collection of Ryuka” compiled by Kobashigawa Ch?sh?, (unknown whether the original is still in existence) was compiled as a textbook.<a href=http://ir.lib.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/handle/123456789/2367> Ikemiya Masaharu “Ryukyu daikash?” to “Nanen hakkei” hokan to zenb? (Nihon T?y? Bunka Ronsh? No.4 1998).
Type Local :沖縄関係コレクション
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/10286
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