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Title :島嶼地域の産業振興方策と環境問題
Authors :大城, 肇
Authors alternative :Oshiro, Hajime
Issue Date :Mar-2000
Abstract :平成10年度~平成11年度科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(C)(2))研究成果報告書
研究概要 : 本研究は、島嶼地域の経済発展のメカニズムを経済自立の観点から解明し、当該地域の共生的発展のための有効な戦略を提案することを目的としている。本年度は、まず島嶼経済の自立化指標を作成し、事例として沖縄経済に適用し分析した。また、環境への負荷のうち、島嶼地域・沖縄の産業廃棄物と産業構造の連関分析を行ったあと、環境容量の小さい島嶼地域の振興策のあり方を検討した。島嶼地域では離島振興法等に基づいて社会資本の整備が進められ、アイランド・ミニマムは達成されたが、自立的発展にはつながっていない。また、産業廃棄物の処理・処分については、行政の役割も重要であるが、何にも増して排出源の事業者の意識の高揚と実践が肝要となる。環境低負荷型の循環型経済社会システムを構築するに当たって、産業廃棄物のみならず、島嶼地域で問題になっている一般廃棄物や廃車についても適切な処理対策が求められている。今後、経済自立化をめざして、産業振興を図ることが島嶼地域の大きな課題となるが、地域振興策や産業政策を進めるに当たっては、環境との調和を図る観点から、産業廃棄物の発生・排出抑制さらには最終処分のあり方と対策、廃棄物のリサイクル&リユースを推進することと併せて、ゼロ・エミッション型の新産業等を創出する政策的工夫・努力も必要である。この方面への産業支援策の確立が急がれよう。
研究概要:The purpose of this paper is to clarify a mechanism of self-reliant economic development, and is to propose an effective strategy to the symbiotic development of island regions. In that year I made an indicator that is able to measure how much an island region is economically self-reliant from the mainland economy. Then I analysed the economy of Okinawa as an example with using this indicator. After analysing the inter-industry relationship between island economy, industrial waste and industrial structure of Okinawa from the viewpoint of environmental capacity, I examined the ideal scheme of economic development of islands of which the surrounding environment accommodate the small quantities of wastes. The so-called Islands Promotion Law and other supporting plans have improved social overhead capital (SOC) in the island regions. Although the improvement of SOC has attained 'island minimum', it has not been so effective on the promotion of islands' self-development. It is necessary for the administration to expand their further commitment to the environmental issues and problems. Moreover, the most important thing for the island regions is that the people producing and disposing of industrial waste should improve and practice their environmental consideration. In order to construct an environmentally low-loaded and circulating socio-economic system, it should make new countermeasures against the disposal of domestic wastes and of illegally abandoned disused-cars that is new problems in the island regions as well as industrial waste. From now on, it will become a big task for the island regions to promote industrial development with the aim of the self-reliant economy. In order to carry out the regional development plans and the industrial policies from the viewpoint of the harmony with environment, the following points should be immediately included into the industrial supporting measures. (1) To prevent a growth of industrial waste and to repress the discharge of industrial wastes (2) To make an ideal measure of the terminal disposal (3) To promote a recycle & reuse movement about the useless articles (4) To create zero-emission type industries by the political devisal and efforts
Type Local :研究報告書
Publisher :大城肇
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/11629
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