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Title :琉球列島の島嶼生態系における自然環境の修復技術の開発と保全に関する研究
Title alternative :Development of restoration and conservation technique for the disturbed island ecosystem in the Ryukyu Archipelago
Authors :土屋, 誠
諸喜田, 茂充
萩原, 秋男
伊澤, 雅子
渡久山, 章
酒井, 一彦
Authors alternative :Tsuchiya, Makoto
Shokita, Shigemitsu
Hagihara, Akio
Izawa, Masako
Tokuyama, Akira
Sakai, Kazuhiko
Issue Date :Mar-2003
Abstract :平成12年度~平成14年度科学研究費補助金(地域連携推進研究費)研究成果報告書
概要(欧文):Dynamics and management of island ecosystem in the Ryukyu Archipelago which had been disturbed in various ways, e.g. inflow of huge amount of red day into shore ecosystems, were discussed and methods for its restoration were proposed. Research on coral reefs was conducted in cooperation with Research Institute for Subtropics in Naha, Okinawa and proposed an idea for the management of coral reef emphasizing the careful thought of reproductive modes of corals, spawners and brooders. Brooders established local demes in different areas, but gene exchange among sites was expected to be more frequent in spawners. Microenvironment affected the survival rates of corals after the disturbance by high temperature. Organic materials supplied from terretrial and river ecosystems, and so on are important for benthic animals on tidal flat as their foods in mangrove areas, but detritus carried from river system may contribute a lot. Bacterial flora developing on decomposing mangrove leaves is important food source in mangrove ecosystems. In Okinawa, evergreen broad-leaved forests dominated by Castanopsis sieboldii occur together with other climax forest without C. sieboldii. Since various disturbance affected in the latter forest, which is characterized by high species diversity and occurrence of rare species, and its area decreased, its restoration was discussed. Suitable habitats were detected for mongooses and wild cats, but anthropogenic disturbance affected their habitat and behavior in various ways. Theoretical and scientific confirmation were obtained for the management and restoration of island ecosystems, i.e. maintenance of high species diversity and selective management and conservation for undisturbed ecosystems are especially important.
Type Local :研究報告書
Publisher :土屋誠
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/13007
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