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Title :環東中国海における二つの周辺文化に関する研究-沖縄と済州の‘間地方’人類学の試み-
Title alternative :Research On Two Marginal Cultures Of The East China Sea Area : A Trial Model Of 'Interlocal' Anthropology Of Okinawa And Cheju Cultures.
Authors :津波, 高志
大城, 肇
池田, 榮史
豊見山, 和行
後藤, 雅彦
徳丸, 亞木
鈴木, 寛之
全, 京秀
庾, 喆仁
李, 清圭
金, 良柱
鄭, 光中
金, 東栓
左, 恵景
Authors alternative :Tsuha, Takashi
Oshiro, Hajime
Ikeda, Yoshihumi
Tomiyama, Kazuyuki
Goto, Masahiko
Suzuki, Hiroyuki
Issue Date :31-Mar-2001
Abstract :平成10~12年度科学研究費補助金基盤研究(A)(2)研究成果報告書
概要(欧文):The results of this inter-local research project on two marginal cultures in the East China Sea area, namely Ryukyuan and Cheju cultures, have revealed findings different from those of past studies which considered these two regions separately. For example, in the area of social organization, specifically the disbursal of roles in ancestral rites in Cheju Island, the authors have discovered numerous cases in which first sons had formerly exclusive rights to ancestral rituals, as well as many cases which reveal a process of change to a division of roles. By contrast, the authors have also reported on the phenomenon of consolidation of ancestral rites in Amami Island. Considering the fact that both of these are recent phenomena which have occurred in response to the pressures of modern society, and are part of an ongoing process of change, it does not follow that these processes of change can be explained as survivals of traditions of the dominant national culture. Rather, only by approaching these seemingly contradictory processes of change as local cultures responding to, or in the process of adapting to wider changes in mainstream society and outside influences from their own local perspectives can we arrive at a satisfactory explanation of both phenomena. The comparative perspective of culture and society in the findings published in this research report are the result of close cooperation of Japanese and Korean researchers, who aided and facilitated their partners during their fieldwork in the other's country. In this report, the inter-local perspective of research is not discussed in sufficient detail. However, a comparative perspective is maintained in all of areas of research.
Type Local :研究報告書
Publisher :津波高志
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/13127
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