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Title :Fe-Ni-Mn合金の被削性
Title alternative :Machinability of Fe-Ni-Mn alloys
Authors :糸村, 昌祐
平敷, 兼貴
福本, 功
押川, 渡
Authors alternative :Itomura, Shosuke
Heshiki, Kenki
Fukumoto, Isao
Oshikawa, Wataru
Issue Date :Mar-1990
Abstract :The relation between cutting force and Rockwell hardness was investigated in Fe-Ni-Mn alloys, containing 0-15% Ni and 0-14% Mn by turning operation using two kinds of cemented carbide cutting tool;P20 and K01. According as the contents of Ni and Mn increased, microstructures of the work material were changed roughly in four groups; 1)hypereutectoid steel structure, 2)martensite with retained austenite, 3)austenite and 4)austenite with complex Fe-Mn carbide. Therefore Rockwell hardness number of the work changed within the range of HRB81. 2-HRC49.9. In each combination of the work material and cutting tool, vertical cutting force, i.e. principal force, was measured within the range of cutting speed 7-80m/min by using a dynamometer in a lathe. The principal forces obtained by using P20 were greater than those by K01. In case of using K01, principal force showed between 250-600N, independently of hardness of the work. When using P20, it seemed that the harder material was, the greater principal force was obtained. However, this tendency were discontinuous for the materials having intermediate hardness. On the whole, the relation between principal force and Rockwell hardness was not observed directly. Cutting tool which is suitable for the microstructure of work material and proper cutting speed should be selected to get good surfaces, especially when the microstructure would change according to contents of alloy elements such as Fe-Ni-Mn alloy reported in this paper.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0389-102X
Publisher :琉球大学工学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/13208
Citation :琉球大学工学部紀要 no.39 p.27 -37
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