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Title :イシサンゴの自他認識の機構に関する共同研究
Title alternative :Joint study on the mechanism of recognition in corals
Authors :日高, 道雄
土屋, 誠
酒井, 一彦
竹村, 明洋
廣瀬, 裕一
山里, 清
RA Kinzie III
GH de Couet
M McFall-Ngai
CL Hunter
Authors alternative :Hidaka, Michio
Tsuchiya, Makoto
Sakai, Kazuhiko
Takemura, Akihiro
Hirose, Yuichi
Yamazato, Kiyoshi
RA Kinzie III
GH de Couet
M McFall-Ngai
CL Hunter
Issue Date :Mar-1999
Abstract :平成8~10年度科学研究費補助金(国際学術研究)研究成果報告書
要約(英文):We showed that contact reaction between young colonies of the coral Pocillopora damicornis changes. Someinitially fused pairs later showedincompatible fusion and then nonfusion. Many vacuoles and condensed nucleiwere observed at the interface of histoincompatible pairs suggesting that celldeath through apoptosis occurred. Corals belonging to different families did not always compete through extracoelenteric digestion. Though presence of coelenteric digestion indicates that the two corals belong to different species, absence of coelenteric digestiondoes not mean the two corals are phylogenetically related. Yolk protein of five scieractinian corals were analyzed biochemically and immunologically. Yolk proteins of congeneric corals were similar to each otherwhile those from corals belonging to different families differ significantly. Abnormal growths (tumors) in Porites lobata and P.compressa showed skeletaimorphology different from normal polyp and reduced reproductive output. However, squashes of coichicine-treated blastulae obtained from crosses using gametes from tumors and mormal polyps revealed similarnumber of chromosomes.
Type Local :研究報告書
Publisher :日高道雄
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/13407
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