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Title :沖縄におけるディアスポラのライフコース -ホスト社会との関係性をめぐって-
Title alternative :Study on Life Course of Okinawan Diaspora -from the View of Relationship with a Host Society-
Authors :安藤, 由美
鈴木, 規之
石川, 友紀
金城, 宏幸
野入, 直美
Authors alternative :Ando, Yoshimi
Suzuki, Noriyuki
Ishikawa, Tomonori
Kinjo, Hiroyuki
Noiri, Naomi
Issue Date :Mar-2004
Abstract :平成13年度~平成15年度科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(C)(2))研究成果報告書
要約(英文):We defy Diasporas in terms of the minority which resides in Okinawa at the time of this research process who are here as a result of transnational migration. On this matter, it is important that we positively investigate and analyze the relations between Okinawa, as the host society, and the ethnic community to learn its structure, its formation of the relations, the formation of the ethnic community, the adaptation in life course, removal and discrimination from Okinawan people. Problem of foreigners in Okinawa differs from that in mainland Japan. After 1972 Okinawa was returned to Japan but with the agreement that American base was to be left in operation.With the demand of labor, it caused people from many countries to enter Okinawa in order to work in the base and that caused cases such as the Philippine women case and the Indian people case after WW2. Problem of education, which was over looked for a long time, of the children between American man and Okinawan woman (Amerasian) is 1 observed. Furthermore, the descendant(second and third generation)of the migrants from Okinawa to South-America migrate back to Okinawa again for temporary work. (mainly Peru and Brazil)This has displayed the peculiarity of Okinawa as a Japanese prominent immigration forwarding prefecture. Each the people who belong to the ethnic group mentioned above has different circumstance of individual movement and fixation. However, as for them, it is not possible to assimilate to Okinawa completely, or even not to be back to their home country. They are placed in quite unstable circumstance. The realization of the problem came from the research done in the year 2002 and 2003 on Diaspora in Okinawa with the corporation of graduate students and 2^<nd> year students majoring in sociology from the University of the Ryukyus. Statistical research was done mainly in the year 2002 obtaining 157 effective cases(56 cases of foreigners and 101 cases of Japanese descended person)and qualitative research was also done in the year 2002. And we interviewed 10 Taiwanese, 10 American, 12 nikkei Peruvian and 12 nikkei Brazilian who resides in Okinawa prefecture in the year 2003.
Type Local :研究報告書
Publisher :安藤由美
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/13447
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