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Title :沖縄・八重山群島の石西礁における現生貝形虫の生態学的・分類学的研究
Title alternative :The ecological and taxonomical study on the living ostracods from coral reefs in the Sckisci-sho area, Ryukyu Islands, Japan
Authors :田吹, 亮一
野原, 朝秀
Authors alternative :Tabuki, Ryoichi
Nohara, Tomohide
Issue Date :Apr-1992
Abstract :平成3年度文部省科学研究費補助金(一般研究C)研究成果報告書
要約(英文):The purpose of this study is to reveal the ecological distributions of ostracod species from coral reefs in the Sekisei-sho area, Ryukyu Islands, and to carry out the systematic descriptions on the undescribed species. In September, 1990, 30 samples for living ostracods were collected by SCUBA diving from 10 locations (about 3 to 15 meters deep); 5 locations in the lagoon and 5 in the reef slope. As a result, 76 species belonging to 40 genera of Podocopa and 2 species of Myodocopa were identified. Based on the distribution patterns of 30 podocopid species occurring frequently, three species groups in relation to the kinds of substrates can be distinguished; the first group appear in close relation to sand bottom, and the second is almost confined to macroalgae or filamentous minute algae on hard bottom such as rocks or gravels, and the third have no distinct relation to particular kinds of substrates. The species composition of the first and second groups are respectively variable to some extent, depending on the grain size distribution of sand bottom and the shape of macroalgae and rocks or gravels on which filamentous algae grow. Some species also differ in abundance depending on the nature of surrounding water mass such as oceanic or lagoonal. Taxonomical work on undescribed species over 50 are still ongoing. In this study, soft parts such as appendages and male sexual organs, which are not usually preserved as fossils, are also used as important taxonomical characters with carapace.
Type Local :研究報告書
Publisher :田吹亮一
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/13588
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