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Title :北朝士大夫の通婚関係の研究
Title alternative :Research on the Marriageamong Aristocrats at the Northern Dynasties in China
Authors :長部, 悦弘
Authors alternative :Osabe, Yoshihiro
Issue Date :Mar-1996
Abstract :平成6・7年度文部省科学研究費補助金一般研究(C)研究成果報告書
要約(欧文):In this research I abstracted 427 examples of marriage among the aristocvats at the Not thern Dynasties in China and analyzed them at the view of birth place by dividing ones in the eastern part and ones in the western part to the Taihang Mountains.I say its vesult below (1) 40-75% of the families with-which Cui at Qinghe La at Fanyang, Liat Zhao, Zheng at Yingyang and Cui at Boling occapying the sumait of the whole avistocracy made marriage were from Shandong, The above 6 families marriaged each other more freguently than other ones in one hand and otherwise they chose other ones in Shandong rather than ones in Shanxi. (2) The ariscocrats in Shandong except the above 6 families were inclined to prefer each other as parther. (3) The aristocrats in Shanxi. married each other more than ones in Shandong, for example. Guo at Tciyuan, Pei at Hedong Gou at Fengyi. Huangfu at Anding.
Type Local :研究報告書
Publisher :長部悦弘
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/14312
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