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Title :琉球・中国交流史研究
Title alternative :A report on "A Study of the History of Exchange between Ryukyus and China"
Authors :上里, 賢一
金城, 正篤
池宮, 正治
西里, 喜行
高良, 倉吉
赤嶺, 守
長部, 悦弘
豊見山, 和行
星名, 宏修
石崎, 博志
王, 耀華
徐, 恭生
謝, 必震
方, 宝川
Authors alternative :Uezato, Kenichi
Kinjo, Seitoku
Ikemiya, Masaharu
Nishizato, Kikou
Takara, Kurayoshi
Akamine, Mamoru
Osabe, Yoshihiro
Tomiyama, Kazuyuki
Hoshina, Hironobu
Ishizaki, Hiroshi
Issue Date :Mar-2002
Abstract :平成11年度~平成13年度科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(B)(2))研究成果報告書
研究概要(英文) : A report on "A Study of the History of Exchange between Ryukyu and China". There are a number of historical sites and documents in China and Okinawa after 500 years of history of exchange between China and Ryukyu kingdom. The purpose of this study is to examine the history of exchange between Okinawa )Ryukyu) and China in such areas of study as history, literature, language, philosophy, folklore, and music. With this purpose, we did our research on the historical sites and documents both in Okinawa and China. This report consists of academic theses and reports based on their research of the historical sites written by thirteen contributors. The report is interdisciplinary having papers from various disciplines such as literature, history, linguistics, music, folklore, and archival studies. There are many historical sites that describe the history of exchange between Ryukyu and China along the coast from Fujian and Beijing, and these sites should be explored under the cooperation of Chinese and Okinawan researchers. An academic exchange agreement between University of the Ryukyus and Teachers' College of Fujian )Fujian shi fan da xue) led us to start this research project. The province of Fujian has a special meaning in the history of exchange between Ryukyu and China. In Naha, there used to be a community of Chinese migrants called Kume village. The Chinese from this village were called "Thirty-Six Families of Kume" and most of them were from Fujian. They were supporting the trades between Ryukyu Kingdom and China and other Southeast Asian countries with their practical business skills and knowledge. In Fujian, there was a center of exchange called the Ryukyu Hall and also there was a port especially kept for the transportation of Ryukyu-China trade. We hope this study will make a significant contribution to further development of the scholarship and academic exchange between Okinawa and China by establishing a precedent for the future studies of the related fields.
Type Local :研究報告書
Publisher :上里賢一
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/15029
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