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Title :沖縄の集落における空間の共有性及び環境保全規範の変遷と再構築
Title alternative :Communal Space and Norms of Environment Preservation in villages in Okinawa, History and Prospects of Reconstruction
Authors :清水, 肇
Authors alternative :Shimizu, Hajime
Issue Date :Mar-2000
Abstract :平成10年度、平成11年度科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(C)(2))研究成果報告書
要約(欧文):Purpose of research is to investigate on communal space and norms of environment preservation in villages of Okinawa. From viewpoint of environment villages in Okinawa can be divided into 3 types, Yanbaru type, Limestone plateau type and Risen coral reef type. Limestone plateau type villages have undergone fatal war damage and reconstruction period and rapid urbanization. Therefore this type is considered as an appropriate subject of investigation for the purpose of consideration on contemporary problems. Through analysis of records on state of villages before the W.W.II, battle of Okinawa, an prototype is distinguished, which has common spaces inside villages and small hills on northern side. According to the records of "Muranai-ho", community rules in Okinawan community, existence of norms of environment preservation as community rules is confirmed. Village communities owns common places, which is one of the result of historical particulars of Okinawa prefecture. Common places as properties are important elements of villages, on the other hand there are problems to correspond to changing composition of community. Small green zones which are important environmental elements of village are decreasing gradually after the War. According to case study in detail of an village, the decreases have background of complicated historical particulars of villages, which is the state of army post in village common space and sacred areas, fatal destruction of village during the battle of Okinawa and reconstruction process after the War. Considering the reconstruction of norms of environment preservation, importance of regeneration of common space and reform of community is confirmed.
Type Local :研究報告書
Publisher :清水肇
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/16030
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