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Title :皮下脂肪厚に基づく体格指数の検討 : 14歳の中学生について
Title alternative :Critical Examination of Physique Index on the basis of Skinfold Thickness : on the fourteen years old in Okinawa
Authors :新屋, 信雄
小橋川, 久光
Authors alternative :Shinya, Nobuo
Kobashigawa, Hisamitsu
Issue Date :1986-2
Abstract :The purpose of this paper was to examine on various indices of physical construction based on the allometry equation, and body fat content (% Fat) by skinfold thickness according to the formula of Nagamine and Suzuki (1964). Measurement of skinfold thickness (triceps and subscapular), height and body weight were carried out on 513 boys and girls (aged 14 years) in the junior highschool in Okinawa. The results obtained were as follows : 1) The allometry equation of height (X) and body weight (Y) obtained for both sexes were found to be Y=1.762x10^<-40>xX^<2.472> for boys and Y=3.09x10^<-2>xX^<1.458> for girls. 2) Various indices of physical construction were noted to show a generally close correlation with the % Fat in both sexes, especially the highest correlation coefficients were seen in kaup's index (r=.749) for boys and in relative weight (r=.680)for girls, and Livi's index showed the lowest correlation with % Fat in both sexes. 3) In values of physique index calculated from each regression equation when % Fat was 20% in the case of boys, relative weight, Kaup's index, Rohrer's index and Livi's index were 37.1, 22.6, 137.2 and 23.9 respectively, and in values of these when 30% in the case of girls, relative weight, Kaup's index, Rohrer's index and Livi's index were 35.3, 23.1, 151.0 and 24.7 respectively. From these results, it migh be suggested that suitable index for screening of obese schoolchildren (aged 14 years) are Rohrer's index or Kaup's index for boys and relative weight or Kaup's index for girls.
沖縄県の14歳男女513名(男子252名,女子261名)を対象に,身長,体重,皮下脂肪厚を計測し,身長と体重からAllometry式を求め,皮下脂肪厚から%Fatを求めた。そしてAllometry式と%Fatに基づいて,体格指数の問題点を検討した。その結果は次の諸点でまとめることができる。 1)沖縄県の14歳における身長(X),体重(Y)のAllometry式Y=bX^aは男子Y=1.762×10^<-40>×X^<2.472>,女子Y=3.09×10^<-2>×X^<1.458>が得られ,発育係教(α)は男子2.472,女子1.458であった。 2)%Fatとの相関値は男子Kaup指数,Rohrer指数,比体重,Livi指数の順に高く,女子は比体重,Kaup指数,Rohrer指数,Livi指数の順に高い値を示した。 3)男子20%Fatに相当する値は,比体重37.1Kaup指数22.6,Rohrer指数137.2,Livi指数23.9であった。また女子30%Fatに相当する値は比体重35.3,Kaup指数23.1,Rohrer指数151.0,Livi指数24.7であった。 以上の結果から,沖縄県の14歳における望ましい肥満判定のための体格指数は,男子Rohrer指数とKaup指数,女子は比体重とKaup指数と推察される。
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0386-5746
Publisher :琉球大学教育学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/1909
Citation :琉球大学教育学部紀要 第二部 no.29 p.161 -169
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