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Title :台湾の工業教育と沖縄に於ける工業教育の問題点
Title alternative :The vocational industrial education in Taiwan and some suggestions for the recorganization of the V-I curriculum in Okinawa
Authors :崎浜, 秀栄
Authors alternative :Sakihama, Shuei
Issue Date :Dec-1960
Abstract :The purpose of this study is twofold. In addition to discussing the vocational education in Taiwan, particularly the vocational industrial high school education which, being based on the idea of "unit trade" method developed in America, emphasizes specialized and practical training, it also considers some problems in the vocational industrial education in Okinawa. 1. Vocational education is intended primarily for preparing students to obtain employment. Thus, in Taiwan, vocational training is being conducted in close touch with the demand of labor market. In 1953, the first vocational industrial survey was tried in order to study the kinds of job the labor market demands, as well as the placement possibility. It was in the same year that the "unit trade" training method was adopted by the vocational industrial high schools in Taiwan. This method was modified in accordance with the 1958 vocational industrial survey. In 1959, the further survey was conducted in regards to qualifications of engineers and technicians. The college curriculum was reconsidered in the light of this survey. 2. In Taiwan, the vocational industrial consultative committee was established. which intends to promote the social recognition of the significance of vocational education, calling further for the social cooperation in developing the vocational education programs. The vocational industrial high school skill contest is also held so as to stimulate the interests of students in the field of vocational education. Factories and companies cooperate with schools in producing better skilled engineers and technicians. 3. The vocational education in Taiwan puts more emphasis on practical training; whereas, in Okinawa, we have had a partiality for theoretical instruction.What is needed in Okinawa is therefore to provide more specialized and practical training courses and to reorganize the present vocational industrial curriculum in view of the demand of labor market. Furthermore, we must improve the method of vocational training in cooperation with those skilled engineers and technicians working at factories and companies. 4. The vocational industrial high schools in Taiwan are well provided with materials and equipments for training through economic aids from America. In Okinawa. too, we need to have in near future the institution established for thepurpose of promoting the development of vocational education programs. 5. The teachers colleges in Taiwan have developed the plan that aims at attracting those: skilled: engineers and technicians working at factories companies for teaching profession.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0485-7801
Publisher :琉球大学教育学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/19157
Citation :研究集録 no.4 p.15 -30
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