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Title :Studies on traveling mode choice modeling of students, its implications and spatial variability
Title alternative :通学交通手段の選択モデルに関する研究 その結果と地域的変化
Authors :Dubbale, Daniel Alemu
Issue Date :Mar-2011
Abstract :学位の種類(博士(工学)),学位授与機関(琉球大学),授与年月日(平成23年3月23日),学位記番号(理工研第211号)
The general and categorical travel patterns in an urban area need to be clearly understood in order to implement Travel Demand Management (TDM) strategies as well as to measure the effectiveness of those strategies. Along with work related travels school related travels take considerable share in daily urban travel activities. Due to this reason, researches on school travel pattern play a central role in the general urban transport planning and engineering scheme. This research work analyzes high school students’ school travel characteristics under limited modal options. It evaluates the significance of a wide range of factors that influence the decisions of high school students in Okinawa on how to make school related travels. The data set used in the analysis was collected from four high schools in different locations in Okinawa, Japan. Seven different models on journey “to” and “from” schools were estimated to analyze the modal share and modal choice decision characteristics of representative high schools and regions in the prefecture. The empirical results indicate that factors related to household car possession, school distance, and travel time significantly influence decisions on mode of transport. The sensitivity analysis matches students’ ratings of the bus service, and both illustrate that bus frequency and waiting time affect bus ridership and the likelihood of using a car to school trip. The predictions made based on a Multinomial Logit Model (MLM) show significant modal choice disparities between two selected high schools. Spatial evaluation represented by downtown and suburb as well as two school districts (Naha-chiku and Nakagami-chiku) show considerable disparities on the travel pattern and mode choice characteristics. This research calls for short and long term policy and planning interventions that include the commencement of high school bus service integrated with the existing service.
Type Local :学位論文
Publisher :Dubbale, Daniel Alemu
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/20527
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