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Title :豚の腎動脈の走向について
Title alternative :Studies on the vascular arrangement in the swine kidney.
Authors :宮城, 正夫
高畑, 倉彦
工藤, 規雄
古畑, 北雄
杉村, 誠
Authors alternative :Miyagi, Masao
Takahata, Kurahiko
Kudo, Norio
Furuhata, Kitao
Sugimura, Makoto
Issue Date :Jun-1961
Abstract :The authors studied on the arrangement of renal arteries in the swine kidney using Neoprene-latex cast. The results of the observation of nine swine are summarized as follows: 1. The structure of vascular arrangement of the swine kidney is directly or indirectly significant to make clear the mechanism of pathological phenomena and function of the kidney, and by our study of the swine kidney, we believe, some valuable intimations were obtained. 2. Arteria renalis starts from Aorta abdominalis, and soon branches off into Ramus anterior and into Ramus posterior. So it is more resemble to the condition of the fowl kidney, many Aa. renalis of which run parallel with each other foward and backward, than the horse kidney, A. renalis of which branches off into two ramus, one of which is on the dorsal side and the other on the ventral side, and they run slightly deflecting to the anterior and posterior sides. 3. In the swine, few anastomosis were found also between Aa. interlobulares of the kidney. 4. There were a few Arteriolae rectae verae, but there were neither so-called Retia mirabilia, nor Ludwigs artery, nor Ohta's arteriolae stellatae. 5. We have not recognized Juxta glomerular apparatus, but in the corresponding region, there was found a slight dilatation on the Arteriola afferens canal. 6. We have found distingushed difference of the inside diameter at the beginning region between the Arteriola afferens and the Arterila efferens. And it is not an artificial product, but is the natural apperance of the substantial character of these arteriolae. 7. Vascular structure of glornerulum of the swine is congruous with the theory of twohalf-globular and double-layered construction with outer afferent and inner efferent vascular layers, that Takahata, et al proposed. 8. The authers' so-called "double-layered-glomerular kidney construction" has presented some difference as to different kinds of mammals; in the horse, the inner efferent vascular layer is perfectly covered by the outer afferent one, in the rodent, afferent and efferent vascular layers run foward and backward, and in the swine the inner efferent vascular layer was not perfectly but partly covered by the outer afferent one. So the kidney glomerulum of the swine, similar to those of the human and the sheep, can be treated as an intermediate type between those of the horse and the rodent. 9. As our conclusion, on our recent study we recognized the Takahata et al theory which says that a series of phylogenetic tendency was found on the vascular structure of the kidney glolnerulum.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0485-7828
Publisher :琉球大学農家政工学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/23279
Citation :琉球大学農家政工学部学術報告 = The science bulletin of the Division of Agriculture, Home Economics & Engineering, University of the Ryukyus no.8 p.267 -272
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