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Title :The Ground State Energy of the Charged-Boson and -Fermion System at the High-Density Limit
Authors :Ginoza, Mitsuaki
Kanazawa, Hideo
Authors alternative :宜野座, 光昭
金沢, 秀夫
Issue Date :1-Mar-1973
Abstract :In the neutural system consisting of the charged-bosons and –nonrelativistic fermions, the contribution △ E of the interaction between components to the ground state energy at the high-density limit is calculated in the density parameter expansion by the method of canonical transformation. The bosons which are dressed in the interaction cloud specified by a canonical transformation parameter are introduced. They have acoustic phonon-like dispersion relation for our choice of the parameter. The energy △ E in the unit of n_2m_2e_2^4/2 is calculated exactly to the second term when the sound velocity is smaller than the Fermi velocity and is given by (△E)/((n_2m_2e_2^4/2))=-(4Q)/(3^<1/4>π^2α) (m_1|e_1|^<5/3>)/(m_2|e_2|^<5/3>r_2^<1/4>)+((m_1e_1logr_2)/(2πm_2e_2))^2+O(logr_2), where n_2 is the number density of the bosons with mass m_2 and charge e_2, r_2= (3/4πn_2 )^<1/3> m_2e_2^2, Q=2.6220・・・ ・・・, a=(4/9π)^< 1/3>, and m_1 and e_1 are mass and charge of fermion, respectively.
Type Local :紀要論文
Publisher :琉球大学理工学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/23490
Citation :琉球大学理工学部紀要. 理学編 = Bulletin of Science & Engineering Division, University of Ryukyus. Mathematics & natural sciences no.16 p.42 -57
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