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Title :翼型のキャビテーション特性 (第1報)
Title alternative :Cavitation Characteristics for Hydrofoil Sections of Infinite Aspect Ratio
Authors :真栄田, 義才
Authors alternative :Maeda, Gisai
Issue Date :May-1968
Abstract :This paper presents the characteristics of hydro-foils on cavitation. As the first step, 1 report how the cavitation changes the lift and the drag of hydro-foils from non-cavitation. The lift increases while cavitation is weak comparatively, and the more angle of attack enlarges, the more rate of increased lift due to cavitation is extended. At the angle of attack is 10 degrees, the maximum lift is about 15% above non-cavitation. As the cavitation develops strongly, the lift begins to fall off gradually, and when the length of cavitation along upper surface of hydro-foil develops more than 80% of the length of chord, the lift drops below non-cavitation. On the other hand, the drag increases as soon as cavitation inception occurs, and on the fully developed cavitation, the drag also drops below noncavitation. The maximum of increased drag due to cavitation is from 20 to 30% above non-cavitation, and it is far larger than the maximum rate of increased lift. On the experiments, two hydro-foils were prepared, the thickness are 16% and 12% of chord respectively. For the smaller angle of attack, cavitation inception is easy to occur on the thicker hydro-foil than on the thiner. But, for the larger angle of attack, cavitation inception occurs easily on the thiner hydro-foil.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0387-429X
Publisher :琉球大学理工学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/23747
Citation :琉球大学理工学部紀要. 工学篇 = Bulletin of Science & Engineering Division, University of the Ryukyus. Engineering no.1 p.1 -12
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