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Title :金型鋳造鋳鉄の組織に及ぼす早期離型、接種、溶解温度の影響
Title alternative :Effects of Stripping Time, Inoculation and Melting Temperature on the Structure of Metal Mold Cast Iron
Authors :糸村, 昌祐
Authors alternative :Itomura, Shosuke
Issue Date :Apr-1971
Abstract :To investigate the effects of stripping time,inoculation and melting temperature on the structure of metal mold cast iron,cast irons of Sc 0.98,0.95,0.91 and 0.87 were melted at 1500,1420 and 1350℃ in a high frequency induction furnace and poured at about 1350℃ into a cylindrical metal mold made of cast iron. The mold was coated with soot of 0.lmm thickness and was preheated at 150℃ The results obtained were as follows:(1)In case of high Sc cast iron,stripping at the early period of casting had a favourable effect on reducing the chitling tendency of castings,while in case of lower Sc the effect was insufficient.(2) Microstructure of castings chnged with varying stripping time.The change of microstructure was caused due to variation of solidifying process;from ledeburite eutectic transformation to austenite-graphite one,rather than selfannea1ing of castings.(3)Inoculation had more favourrable effect on reducing the chilling tendency than stripping,especilly in case of low Sc castings it was remarkable.By proper controling of both inoculation and stripping,better effect on the microstructure of metal mold cast iron was obtained. (4) The higher the melting temperature,the more the chilling tendency.To obtain a sound structure with metal mold casting,low melting temperature is recommended.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0387-429X
Publisher :琉球大学理工学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/24007
Citation :琉球大学理工学部紀要. 工学篇 = Bulletin of Science & Engineering Division, University of the Ryukyus. Engineering no.4 p.1 -16
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