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Title :運動動詞のひとまとまり性と限界達成性 : 古代日本語のシツ形
Title alternative :Totality and Telic Accomplishment in Dynamic Verbs : The Shitu-Form in Ancient Japanese
Authors :渡真利, 聖子
Authors alternative :Tomari, Seiko
Issue Date :Mar-2014
Abstract :古代日本語における運動動詞のシツ形のアスペクト的意味について分析した結果,<ひとまとまり性>と<限界達成性>という意味がとりだされた。<限界達成性>は,さらに<終了限界達成性>と<開始限界達成性>の意味に分けられる。運動の始めから終わりまでを一括的に表す<ひとまとまり性>は,ほとんどの運動動詞に表れる意味である。一方,<限界達成性>のうち,<終了限界達成性>は,内的限界動詞の中の変化の意味をもつシツ形に 表れ,<開始限界達成性>は非内的限界動詞の思考活動や感情を表す動詞においてのみ表 れる意味である。今回みたシツ形は,<ひとまとまり性>と<終了限界達成性>を表す場合の運動の終わりの限界達成時が発話時以前であること,<開始限界達成性>を表す場合の始まりの限界達成時が発話時以前であることが共通点としてみられることが確認できた。
An analysis of the aspectual meanings of the dynamic verb form "shitu" in ancient Japanese revealed meanings of totality and telic accomplishment. Furthermore, it was discovered that "telic accomplishment" contains meanings of "completed telic accomplishment" and "commenced telic accomplishment". The concept of totality, which encompasses the expression of an action from start to finish, is a meaning that can be found in almost all dynamic verbs. Within telic accomplishment however, completed telic accomplishment is expressed by the shitu form, which conveys the meaning of transitions that take place within telic verbs, while commenced telic accomplishment is a meaning that is only found in atelic verbs that express thought and emotions. This study of the shitu form determined that in the case of completed telic accomplishment, both totality and the point of telic accomplishment upon completion of an action take place before the time of speech. That the point of commencement of commenced telic accomplishment also takes place before the time of speech is a common characteristic that has been established through this study.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :2188-4501
Publisher :琉球大学留学生センター
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/29395
Citation :琉球大学留学生センター紀要 = Bulletin of International Student Center University of the Ryukyus Vol.1 p.13 -26
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