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Title :Theoretical Perspectives and Preliminary Results on the Feasibility of Using Uchinaaguchi in Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Classes
Authors :May, Samantha
Issue Date :28-Mar-2014
Abstract :Uchinaaguchi, along with five other Ryukyuan languages, is on the UNESCO endangered languages list. As Japanese is currently used in almost all areas of daily life, people need specific motivation and a domain in which to use Uchinaaguchi in order to maintain it. One possible domain is that of Okinawan martial arts. Since karate and kobudo were originally developed and taught in Uchinaaguchi, martial arts practitioners may believe that they can improve their martial arts techniques through knowledge of this language. However, does sufficient support exist to warrant an attempt at Okinawan language revitalization through martial arts? A pilot study was conducted with members of the martial arts community from Okinawa and abroad to determine the level of support for using Uchinaaguchi in their practice. Preliminary data from interviews, written correspondence, surveys and participant observation indicated that the martial arts community in Okinawa and abroad was strongly supportive of the idea of using Uchinaaguchi in karate and kobudo classes. Although participants lacked awareness of Uchinaaguchi as a distinct language, the martial arts community generally valued teaching and learning Uchinaaguchi as it related to their practice, and was found to already be using this language in dojos within Okinawa and abroad. Okinawan cultural interest and martial arts learning were the most frequently reported Uchinaaguchi learning motivations among international participants. However, more international participants wished to use Uchinaaguchi to describe Okinawan cultural concepts than martial arts-related concepts, suggesting possible relationships between learning motivation and interest in Okinawan martial arts, culture, and language.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :2186-7933
Publisher :琉球大学国際沖縄研究所
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/30136
Citation :国際琉球沖縄論集 = International Review of Ryukyuan and Okinawan Studies no.3 p.27 -49
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