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Title :【《UH・UR合同シシポジウム》報告】Hi‘iakaikapoliopele & Pele : Mele & Mo‘olelo, Song & Story
Authors :Basham, Leilani
Issue Date :29-Mar-2013
Abstract :Among the world's dances, hula is quite unique in that almost all dance is accompanied by a text vocalized as chant or song. These texts are grounded in history and politics, as well as religious and cultural values and practices. They are mele (song, chant, poetry) and they are mo‘olelo (story, history, tale). In this presentation, I will explore the intersections between the mele and mo‘olelo of Hi‘iakaikapoliopele and Pele. Hi‘iakaikapoliopele is the youngest sister of Pele, who is the deity of fire and volcanoes in Hawai‘i. While Pele creates new land, Hi‘iaka embodies the growth of new life and plants on that landbase. Hula (dance) and oli (chant) are interwoven throughout the literature of these two powerful female deities, affirming the relationships between mele and mo‘olelo, as well as their relationship to each other and to the islands of the Pacific and Hawai‘i. Specifically, I will share two mele,“Ka Huaka‘i a Pele” and “A ka Luna o Pu‘uonioni,” analyzing their contents and contexts within the larger narrative. The first mele describes Pele's preparation for her journey to Hawai‘i from Polapola and the various roles that her siblings and other deities played, including Hi‘iakaikapoliopele. The second mele describes Hi‘iaka's departure from Kilauea, the volcanic crater, on her journey to find Pele's lover, Lohi‘au. Part of my analysis will explore the manner in which these mele are a part of the larger mo‘olelo of Hi‘iaka and Pele as powerful, female deities, as chanters and dancers, as storytellers and sojourners.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :2186-7933
Publisher :琉球大学国際沖縄研究所
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/30140
Citation :国際琉球沖縄論集 = International Review of Ryukyuan and Okinawan Studies no.2 p.37 -47
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