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Title :"Unaiism"を拓く組踊『執心鐘入』の大団円 : フェミニスト・エスノグラフィーの可能性
Title alternative :"Unaiism" Manifested in the Denouement of Syushin-Kaneiri : Feminist Ethnography in Okinawa
Authors :勝方=稲福, 恵子
Authors alternative :Katsukata=Inafuku, Keiko
Issue Date :19-Mar-2010
Abstract :For the 25^th anniversary of the Okinawan women's Unai-Festival, Syushin-Kaneiri( 1719)was put on stage with a new dramatic interpretation. Since “Unai' means the Sister-Goddess' who protects her brothers in the Ryukyuan-Okinawan folk religion where women are regarded as living goddesses themselves, the “Unai” discourse has been used for the empowerment of women in their various activities. The new interpretation of the denouement of this classic drama under female direction is that the metamorphosed woman-devil is given emphasis as a protagonist of the drama, and she leaves the stage not by expulsion but by her own independent will. There are two grounds for this interpretation: one is the historical background of the drama(the religious reformation by the Regent Shou Jou-ken), which was caused by a feud between the side of Kikoe-Ohkimi and that of the King, and which is metaphorically expressed in the story of Syushin-Kaneiri where Wakamatsu is the embodiment of Confucianism and the Woman represents the native religion). The other ground is the trinary system of the story—the Woman, Wakamatsu, and the Priest— which brings forth the tertiary to break through a dichotomy, and which presents “Unaiism” as a performative discourse on Okinawan women's activities.
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :2185-4882
Publisher :the International Institute for Okinawan Studies, University of the Ryukyus
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/33925
Citation :International journal of Okinawan studies Vol.1 no.1 p.111 -122
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