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Title :万田31号施用が台風後のウコン(Curcuma spp.)の被害回復,生育および収量におよぼす効果
Title alternative :Damage Recovery, Growth and Yield of Turmeric (Curcuma spp.) Plant with Manda 31 Application after Typhoon Occurrence
Authors :ホサイン, モハヤド・アムザド
松浦, 新吾郎
土井, 光弘
仲村, 一郎
石嶺, 行男
Authors alternative :Hossain, Amzad
Matsuura, Singoro
Doi, Mitsuhiro
Nakamura, Ichiro
Ishimine, Yukio
Issue Date :1-Dec-2004
Abstract :万田31号は,作物の収量と品質を高める発酵自然植物凝集物である.万田31号がウコンの生育および収量に効果的であるかを調べるために,1999年5月から2000年2月にかけて琉球大学の亜熱帯フィールド科学教育研究センターの実験圃場で試験した.試験区を葉,土壌,葉と上壌の3つに分け. 100ppmの万田31号を15日間隔で10回施用した.ところが,1999年9月22日に強い台風が発生し,すべての圃場のウコンが大きな被害を受けた.しかしながら,台風後のウコンの回復力に万田31号施用区と無施用区では大きな違いが見られ,興味深い結果を示した.万田31号施用区と無施用区における台風後のウコンの被害の回復,生育および収量について調査した.その結果,万田31号施用区では,新しい分けつの発生と新芽が台風後15日目に確認でき,約70%の植物体は,万田31号の施用を続けることでウコンは順調に回復し,台風後,12月まで生育は良好であった.一方,万田31号施用区に隣接している無施用区においては,施用区から4~11m離れた畝のウコン収量は,11m以上離れたウコンの収量よりも有意に高く,18m以上離れた畝の植物体は,台風後40日以内に枯死した.総じてウコンの収量は,万田31号施用区が無施用区に比べて約3倍高かった.これらの結果は,万田31号は台風によるストレスに効果的で,しかも,万田施用区近隣の植物体にまで有利に働くと考えられる.万田31号の効用は,激しい降雨による流水によって隣接する圃場へ移動すると推察された.
Manda 31 is a fermented natural plant concentrate, which improves yield and quality of crops, vegetables and fruits without any hazard of environment factors. A series of experiments was conducted at the Subtropical Field Science Center of the University of the Ryukyus in 1999-2000, actually to examine the efficacy of manda 31 on growth and yield of turmeric. Manda 31 at lOOppm was applied 10 times to leaf, soil or leaf and soil at a 15-day interval until November. A strong typhoon, occurred on September 22, 1999, caused severe damages of turmeric plants in all fields equally. It was unbelievable that there were some differences in damage recovery and growth of turmeric plants between manda 31 applied field and commercial field (Manda 31 not applied), after typhoon occurred. Hence, in this paper, we compared damage recovery, growth and yield of turmeric between manda 31 applied field and commercial field. New tillers and leaves of turmeric plants developed within 15 days of typhoon occurred in the manda 31 applied field, and continued the process up to November. Around 70% of damaged plants recovered due to continuous application of manda 31, and the plants remained green up to December. It was also unbelievable that the plants in some rows in commercial field, which were adjacent to the manda 31 applied field (up to 18 m from manda 31 applied field), produced some new tillers and leaves, and remained green until November. On the other hand, the plants in this field, which were greater than 18 m from manda 31 applied field, withered within 40 days of typhoon occurred. Turmeric yield was around three times higher in manda 31 treated field than that in commercial field. Yield in the first four rows (4-11 m from manda 31 treated field) of commercial field was significantly higher than that in far rows (>11 m). Effect of manda 31 was not observed on plants in rows with greater than 18 m from manda 31 applied field. These results indicate that the manda 31 is effective in stress condition of plant, and plants in neighboring field of manda 31 applied field may be benefited with manda 31. It was assumed that manda 31 moved with heavy rainfall to the neighboring field.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3558
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.51 p.145 -149
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