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Title :カルシウム欠乏食摂食により誘発する骨粗鬆症の特徴
Title alternative :Characteristics of Osteoporosis Due to Calcium Deficient Food in Rats
Authors :孙, 丽曼
玉城, 一
老松, 聡
石丸, 哲二
大田, 豊
勝山, 直文
知念, 功
Authors alternative :Sun, Liman
Tamaki, Hajime
Oimatsu, Satoshi
Ishimaru, Tetsuji
Ohta, Yutaka
Katsuyama, Naofumi
Chinen, Isao
Issue Date :1-Dec-2004
Abstract :7週齢のWistar系雌ラットにカルシウム欠乏食,エストロゲン,ビタミンD_3とK_2を含むカルシウム欠乏食,2%蓚酸食を2週間投与すると骨の破断エネルギーと骨密度が減少し,X線写真の透過度が上昇し,骨粗鬆症になった.5%乾燥粉末ほうれん草食は骨粗鬆症を誘発しなかった.カルシウム欠乏食による骨粗鬆症では,体重,摂食量,子宮重量,血中エストロゲン量が変わらぬ点と,尿中デオキシピリジノン量と尿中カルシウムが減少の点で,2%蓚酸食による骨組軽症とよく類似した.食餌制限による骨組軽症とたんぱく質欠乏食による骨粗鬆症は,体重,摂食量,子宮重量,血中エストロゲン量が減少し,尿中カルシウム量かかわらない,そのため異なった.血中の副甲状腺ホルモンは,カルシウム欠乏食では,上昇したが,2%蓚飲食では上昇しなかった.尿中のカルシウムが極端に減少するのはカルシウム欠乏食による骨粗鬆症の大きな特徴で,骨雅俗症の判定に有用であると思われた.栄養素の不足欠乏による骨粒粒症は,骨の彼所エネルギーと骨密度の減少の点では類似するが,その特徴や対応は異なる.そのために,骨粗鬆症の判定では,尿中のデオキシピリジノリン濃度,アルカリホスファターゼ活性,カルシウム濃度を測定し,その結果に即した対応が必要である.
Seven-week old female Wister rats fed calcium deficient food with estrogen, vitamin D3 and K_2, and 2% oxalic acid food had osteoporosis with significantly low values of bone breaking energy and bone mineral density, and high level of femoral X-ray image density. Rats fed spinach food containing dry powdered spinach in stead of 5% fiber avoided development of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis due to calcium deficient food intake was similar to osteoporosis due to 2% oxalic acid food intake in body weight, food intake, uterus weight, estradiol level and concentration of dexypyridinoline and calcium in urine, but perfectly different from osteoporosis due to restricted food intake and due to protein deficient food in body weight, food intake, uterus weight, estradiol level, calcium concentration in urine and inhibition by estrogen, vitamins D3 and K_2 Increase of parathyroid hormone (PTH) in serum was observed in rats fed calcium deficient food, but not in rats fed 2% oxalic acid food. Extremely low concentration of urinary calcium is supposed to be great sign for the osteoporosis and to be useful for judgment of it. Osteoporosis due to a lack of various nutrients is similar in a significant fall of bone breaking energy and bone mineral density, but the characteristics of the osteoporosis and its treatment diet are expected to be different. Therefore, alkaline phosphatase activity and concentrations of deoxypyridinoline and calcium in urine are analyzed in decision of osteoporosis and its treatment should be done according to the results.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3575
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.51 p.119 -125
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