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Title :ヒカンザクラの開花の早晩性における地域間差,個体間差
Title alternative :Differences among planted location and individual plant on the flowering time of Prunus campanulata in Okinawa
Authors :上里, 健次
安谷屋, 信一
米盛, 重保
Authors alternative :Uesato, Kenji
Adaniya, Shinichi
YoneMori, Sigeyasu
Issue Date :1-Dec-2002
Abstract :石垣を含めた沖縄における2000年開花のヒカンザクラについて,開花と出葉の早晩性を地域間差,個体間差を含めて比較検討した。調査地域は石垣市,八重瀬公園与儀公園,琉球大府附属農場,敷数公園,八重岳の高,中,低位所,国頭村奥で開花の安定したそれぞれ50本前後を対象とした。3月2日に石垣市,3日に他の地域に出かけ開花度,出葉度を10レベルに分けて調査した。得られた調査結果の概要は次ぎの通りである。1.地域間では石垣では最も遅く,与儀貢献もかなり遅く,八重岳の3区と八重瀬公園は最も早く,他の3区は同様で,4グループ間に有意性のある地域差が見られた。2.八重岳における標高差については高位所と低位所で早く,中位所は遅れる傾向があり,開花に対する350m程度の標高差は明確ではなかった。3.各調査区区における個体間差はかなりの幅で見られ,これは実生系による栽植で異なった遺伝性を持つことによる当然の結果といえる。4.12月,1月の名護,那覇,石垣における日最低気温の推移にかなりの差が見られ,石垣における開花の遅れは冬季の温度の低下が遅れることによるが,与儀公園の遅れも同様に,市民生活に起因する要素を加わった温度上昇が主要因と間がえられる。
The flowering time of Prunus campanulata Maxim. related with different location in Okinawa were investigated on the blossom season in 2001. Investigated plots were Isigaki on March 2, and 8 places such as Yaese, Yogi, Senbaru, Kakazu, 3 different elevation at Yaedake and Oku n march 3. Investigations were carried out by dividing 10 grades on flowering and leaf expanding aspects with about 50 trees except Isigaki plot. The outline of results obtained are as follows. 1. Latest flowering were observed at Ishigaki and later flowering also showed at Yogi. Earlies flowering were observed at higher and lower places in Yaedake and Yaese, though abouto the same flowering time were showed at the other investigated plots. 2. Locational difference among 4 group mentioned above were clealy showed different flowering time and leaf expanding with a significant difference. 3. Along the road side at Yaedake, earliest flowerings were observed at higher places than 290 m elevation and followed at lower places below 100 m elavation. At the middle places, the flowering time was delayed and big differences among individual trees were showed. 4. Cool temperature about 15 degree in night time might be needed for growth of flower bud toward flowering at early winter season. It means that low temperature area show earlier blossom than high teperature area. Due to this reason, trees at higher places or colder places which encounter the low temperature in December or January could be opened flowers at an earlier time.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3617
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.49 p.15 -23
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