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Title :妊娠期および泌乳期マウスにおける乳腺組織の形態と核酸含量の変化
Title alternative :Changes in morphology and in the amount of Nucleic Acids in mammary glands of pregnant and lactating ddY mice
Authors :上地, 俊徳
森, 浩作
大泉, 弘
清水, 美帆
與儀, 沙織
仲田, 正
本郷, 富士彌
Authors alternative :Uechi, Shuntoku
Mori, Kosaku
Oizumi, Hiromu
Simizu, Miho
Yogi, Saori
Nakada, Tadashi
Hongo, Fujiya
Issue Date :1-Dec-2001
Abstract :マウス乳腺の妊娠期から泌乳期に至る発育状況および機能的推移を調べるために, 0日目(非妊娠), 妊娠5日目, 10日目, 15日目および泌乳期の各時点でマウスを屠殺し, 乳腺のホールマウント標本の顕微鏡観察から形態的変化を, 乳腺中の核酸含量から機能的変化をそれぞれ検討した。1. 乳腺重量は妊娠の経過に伴って次第に増加し, 泌乳期に最大値を示した。乳腺組織面積もこれと同調した変化を示し, 泌乳期に最大値を示した。形態的には, 乳腺の基本構造(乳管, 乳腺胞)は妊娠経過に伴って変化し, 乳管の分枝, 伸長, 成長などが認められ, 泌乳期マウスでは丸型の乳腺胞が乳腺組織全体を覆うようになった。2. 乳腺中の総DNA量と総RNA量は妊娠10日目以降直線的に増加し, 泌乳期においてそれぞれ最大値を示した。RNA/DNA比も妊娠5日目の値を除くと, 妊娠経過に伴って大きくなり, 泌乳期で最大値を示した。以上, 妊娠マウスの乳腺ホールマウント標本の顕微鏡による形態学的観察と, 乳腺中の総DNA, 総RNA量を指標にして, 乳腺の形態学的および機能的活性の変化を調べることが十分可能であることが分った。
Primiparous ddY mice were used to determine the extent of mammary gland growth during pregnancy and lactation. Mice were autopsied at day 0,5,10 and 15 of pregnancy, and day 7 of lactation. Mammary glands (third thoracic mammary) were collected from the skin at the thoracic region following the removal of skin fat. The weight of the dry fat-free mammary gland, mammary gland area, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) content, and ribonucleic acid (RNA) content were measured. 1. Mammary gland weight increased gradually with the progress of pregnancy. The maximum weight was observed at the lactating phase. The area of mammary gland tissue also aligned with the weight of the mammary gland, and it showed maximum value at the lactating phase. In morphology, it was found that the basic structure of the mammary gland changed in connection with progress of pregnancy, during the lactation phase, and then the round alveolar cells came to cover the whole mammary gland tissue. 2. The total amount of DNA and RNA in the mammary glands increased linearly after the 10th day of the pregnancy, and each showed maximum growth on the 7th day of lactation. Except for the value of day 5 of pregnancy, the RNA/DNA ratio also increased linearly in connection with progress of pregnancy, and showed maximum growth during the lactating phase. From these results it is concluded that progressive changes in both morphology and nucleic acid contents in the mammary glands of pregnant and lactating ddY mice could be investigated.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3652
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.48 p.137 -144
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