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Title :海岸沿線の構造物と飛来塩分量に関する研究(生産環境学科)
Title alternative :Studies on the Bank Protection Structures and Salt Spray at the Seashore (Department of Environmental Science and Technology)
Authors :幸喜, 善福
福留, 健一
大屋, 一弘
Authors alternative :Koki, Zenfuku
Fukudome, Kenich
Oya, Kazuhiro
Issue Date :1-Dec-1995
Abstract :本研究は, 内陸部において塩害をもたらす飛来塩分量の基礎的データを得る目的で, 砂浜海岸の場合と, 海岸沿線に異形ブロックや護岸前面(海側)に石積みを施工したときの飛来塩分量の発生状況等について測定した。測定は1992年9月から1993年1月の間において実施した。その結果の要約はつぎのようである。飛来塩分量と風速の関係においては, 直線回帰式が良好な適合を示した。回帰直線の勾配は, 測定高度が低くなるほど急であった。また, 砂浜海岸より石積み海岸のほうが, さらに石積み海岸よりは異形ブロック海岸のほうが回帰直線の勾配は急であった。飛来塩分量と測定高度の関係では, 異形ブロック海岸, 石積み海岸および砂浜海岸のいずれの測点においても測定高度が高くなるほど飛来塩分量は減少した。また異形ブロック海岸, 石積み海岸および砂浜海岸における飛来塩分量は, 異形ブロック海岸>石積み海岸>砂浜海岸の順に増加した。異形ブロック海岸における飛来塩分量は, 石積み海岸の1.2倍で, 砂浜海岸の1.7倍であった。なお, 石積み海岸は砂浜海岸の1.4倍の飛来塩分量の増加を示した。したがって, 海岸沿線に構造物等を施工する場合には凹凸の少ない工法にすることが飛来塩分発生防止対策上は望ましい。
On a small island like Okinawa, salt damages are very common in variouse forms and it is believed they are caused by the salt spray from the surrounding ocean. The present study was aimed to obtain fundamental data about the salt spray at the seashore. The salt spray was in vestigated at a sandy beach, and at the seashores furnished with bank protection structures such as differentform-concrete blocks and rubble piles from September 1992 to January 1993. It was found that the wind velocity had a close relation to the amount of salt spray as expressed by a linear regression. The slope of regression curve tended to become steeper with a lower point of salt spray measurement. At a given height, the slope of regression curve was steepest at the seashore with the differentform-concrete blocks being followed by that with the rubble piles. The effect of wind velocity on the saly spray was minimum at the sandy beach. The salt spray was observed to decrease from a lower to a higher point of measurement at any of the seashores. The over all amount of salt spray was in the order of the seashore with differentform-concrete blocks > the seashore with rubble piles > the sandy beach. The relative amounts of salt spray at the seashore of rubble pies and of differen tform-concrete blocks were 1.4 and 1.7 times higher than that of the sandy beach, respectively. The salt spray at the seashore of differentform-concrete blocks was 1.2 times higher than that of rubble piles. It was deemed that the bank protection structures with less irregular surfaces are preferred in the control of salt spray from the investigation.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3752
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.42 p.117 -123
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