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Title :メヒルギ植栽基礎試験 (II) : 人工培地における初期生長(生産環境学科)
Title alternative :Preliminary Studies for Planting of Kandelia candel Seeding (II) : Early growth on artificial medium (Department of Environmental Science and Technology)
Authors :中須賀, 常雄
山口, 本
岸本, 司
Authors alternative :Nakasuga, Tsuneo
Yamaguchi, Moto
Kishimoto, Tsukasa
Issue Date :1-Dec-1995
Abstract :1. 石炭火力発電の産業廃棄物であるクリンカ及び石炭灰がメヒルギ植栽の人工培地として利用可能かどうかについて, 1995年6月∿12月間に琉球大学構内の温室内で実験を行った。2. 人工培地の材料は, クリンカ, 造粒灰, バーミキュライト, ジャーガル及び腐葉土である。3. 処理区は, クリンカ(A)区, 造粒灰(B)区及び対照区(C)で, 以下のとおりである。A-1区 : クリンカ(100%), A-2区 : クリンカ+バーミキュライト+腐葉土(体積比5 : 4 : 1), A-3区 : クリンカ+ジャーガル+腐葉土(体積比5 : 4 : 1), B-1区 : 造粒灰(100%), B-2区 : 造粒灰+バーミキュライト+腐葉土(100%), B-3区 : 造粒灰+ジャーガル+腐葉土(体積比5 : 4 : 1), 対照区 : バーミキュライト+腐葉土(体積比7 : 3)4. メヒルギ苗の生長について, 主軸長, 節間数, 葉緑素含有量, 重量生長, 葉の性質, 根長及び弱さ度の各項目について分析し, 総合的に判定した結果, クリンカ及び造粒灰のみでは利用不可であるが, 50%の混合比では利用可能で, ジャーガルと造粒灰との混合区では対照区より生育良好であった。
Clinker and ash of coal were examined for artificial planting soil of Kandelia candel in the greenhouse, University of the Ryukyus, from June to December 1994. Types of artificial planting soil were clinker (A), granulated-ash, (B) and control (C). The former two types were divided into three conditions respectivety : A-1; clinker, A-2; mixed soil of clinker, vermiculate and leaf compost (5 : 4 : 1 in volume), and A-3; mixed soil of clinker, jaagaru (mudsotne soil) and leaf compost (ditto). B-1; granulated-ash, B-2; granulated-ash, vermiculate and leaf compost (ditto), and B-3; granulated-ash, jaagaru (mudstone soil) and leaf compost (ditto). The control planting soil was mixed one of vermiculate and leaf compost (7 : 3 in volume). Each planting soil was put into the Wagner's pot (1/5000a) and three viviparous seedlings were planted in each pot in July 1994. The planted seedlings were controlled under the water level same as soil level in the pots and liquid nutrient was used every two weeks. During the cultivating period, shoot length and number of node were measured one month interval and chloroplyll content was measured in the last two months. And, after 160 days cultivation, six sample seedlings in each condition were dug up, and length and weight of each part of seedling were measured. The number of node was almost same value in the all conditions, and it was not significant between the conditions. But, the other elements, shoot length, chlorophyll content, weight of shoot, leaf and root, and leaf shape were showed small value in A-1 and B-1 conditions, and in the mixed soil conditions of A and B soil types, these values were a little samller than those of the control condition, and these was significant between the control and each condition. From these results, it can be said that pure clinker and pure granulatied-ash were not usefull for the planting soil of Kandelia candel seedling, but these were usefull for mixtural material for them under 50% in volume.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3753
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.42 p.125 -131
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