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Title :沖縄島から初めて記録されたネッタイイセエビ(新称)とRAPDマーカーによる分子系統学的位置
Title alternative :A New Record of Panulirus longipes longipes (A. Milne-Edwards, 1868) (Decapoda : Palinuridae) at Okinawajima Island and the Phylogenetic Position of the Genus Panulirus using RAPD Markers
Authors :アブドゥラ, ムハッマド ファドリー
井上, 博
岩本, 健輔
今井, 秀行
Authors alternative :Abdullah, Muhamad Fadry
Inoue, Hiroshi
Iwamoto, Kensuke
Imai, Hideyuki
Issue Date :15-Sep-2010
Abstract :The western form of the spotted-legged spiny lobster Panulirus lonipes longipes (A. Milne-Edwards,1 868),collected from Okinawajima Island,Okinawa Islands,]apan,i s reported here. This report represents the second record of the species from Japan. Based on the specimens examined in this study, we propose a new Japanese name “Nettai-iseebi" for P. longipes longipes. Random amplified polymorphic DNA(RAPD) analysis was used to examine phylogenetic relationships within and between 12 Indo-Pacific lobster species. In total,20 RAPD primers were screened for their use in identifying genetic polymorphism in Panulirus. Thirteen positive primers that gave highly reproducible RAPD profiles were selected for the analysis of the genetic relationships of Panulirus. The mean genetic similarity index (SI) among species measured by band sharing in all comparisons was 0.2673土0.0090. The highest SI value of their RAPD bands was 0.7698, while the lowest was 0.0931. Dendograms were constructed from the pair-wise comparisons among all species using pooled data from all positive primers. The similarity within first cluster of P. longipes complex deserves considerable attention. This finding, although restricted to one subspecies, appears to indicate that there is a low degree of genetic similarity between P. longipes longipes and P. longiρes bisρinosus with similarity value between 27 and 46%. Such low similarity indexes are more commonly observed between different species than within one species. Clusters generated from neighbor-joining and unweighted pair group method with arithmetic mean (UPGMA) analyses yielded trees with different topologies,indicating poor resolution within the lineage, although the clade of the P. longipes complex was clearly indicated.
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :0474-0394
Publisher :沖縄生物学会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/37569
Citation :沖縄生物学会誌 Vol.48 p.77 -89
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