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Title :Improved Method for Seawater Lithium Isotopic Ratio Determination Using
Title alternative :マルチコレクターICP-MSを用いた海水中のリチウム同位体比分析法の開発
Authors :Toki, Tomohiro
Heshiki, Sawako
Shinjo, Ryuici
Authors alternative :土岐, 知弘
平敷, 紗和子
新城, 竜一
Issue Date :2015
Abstract :multi-collector ICP mass spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS). The method involves a single-step column separation, and improvements in sensitivity and precision are achieved by the use of an X-type skimmer cone and relatively low plasma RF power on MC-ICP-MS. With this method, the δ7 Li value in standard seawater (NASS-5) was measured to be +30.97 ± 0.31 ‰(2σ), which is consistent with the reported value in previous studies. We obtained δ7 Li =+30.82 ‰ of surface seawater from the East China Sea, which is the same as those for open oceans, suggesting that the surface seawater is not influenced by meteoric water from the Eurasian Continent. As the sampling location is in the flow passage of the Kuroshio Current, the value represents the δ7 Li value of the Kuroshio Current.
URL :https://doi.org/10.11457/swsj.69.326
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :2185-9213
Publisher :The Society of Sea Water Science, Japan
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/37631
Citation :日本海水学会誌 = Bulletin of the Society of Sea Water Science, Japan Vol.69 no.5 p.326 -331
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