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Title :メヒルギの育苗試験(生産環境学科)
Title alternative :Studies on Experimental Cultivation of Kandelia candel DRUCE Seedings (Department of Enviromental Sciences and Technology)
Authors :中須賀, 常雄
下田, 淳康
岸本, 司
Authors alternative :Nakasuga, Tsuneo
Shimoda, Junkoo
Kishimoto, Tsukasa
Issue Date :1-Dec-1993
Abstract :1. メヒルギ胎生芽を使用して,培地別育成試験を無施肥で18ヶ月間実施した。処理区は以下のとおりである。A : バーミキュライト+腐葉土,室外 B : 砂質土,室外 C : バーミキュライト+腐葉土,温室内 D : 対照区(野生苗)2. 主軸長及び着生葉など地上部の生長では,育成苗(A∿C区)は野生苗(D区)に及ばなかったが,地下部の生長はその逆で育成苗の方が良好であった。そのためTR率は育成苗で0.87∿0.99,野生苗で1.28であった。3. 育成苗は,砂質培地よりバーミキュライトに腐葉土を加えた培地で生育が良好であった。また,同じ培地を使用した温室内・外の試験では,温室内の方が温室外より生長が良好であった。これは冬季期間,室内が室外より気温が高いこと及び日陰効果によるものと考えられた。4. 一葉当りの平均面積は,野生苗で13(cm)^2,育成苗で6∿13(cm)^2と,C区では同様の値を示した。また,SLAは育成苗では砂質土のB区の48.06(cm)^2/g以外は54.16(cm)^2/gで,野生苗の53.61(cm)^2/gとほぼ同値であった。5. バーミキュライトに腐葉土を混じた人工培地で,無施肥で野生苗と同様な生育の苗を育成できたが,育成苗では地下部への分配率が野生苗より大きく,そのためTR率が1.0以下であった。地上部への分配率を高めることが今後の課題である。
Cultural experiments of Kandelia candel DRUCE seedlings were studied to use different medium from May 1990 to November 1991 in the Okinawa Island. Viviparous seedlings of K. candel were collected at the Ukukubi River in May 1990 and were planted in June 1990 into plastic pots containing 15 litters of artificial cultivate medium. Two kinds of cultivate mediums were used. One was mixed medium of Vermiculite and leaf compost with same volume, and the other was sandy soil only. Treatment conditions were as follows : A group; mixed medium and under the nethouse condition B group; sandy soil and under the nethouse condition C group; mixed medium and in the greenhouse condition D group; as a control, under the field condition (Ukukubi river) All pots were controlled in the nursery on campus of the College of Agriculture, University of the Ryukyus, and seedlings were controlled under the water level same as soil level of the pots and non-nutrient conditions. After eighteen months cultivation, the sample seedlings were dug up in each cultivate condition, and the number of nodes and leaves, the length of internodes and roots, the fresh weight of main shoots, leaves and roots were measured. Leaf area, root length and root surface area were calculated with the results of measurement. Mixed leaf compost and the greenhouse conditions such as high temperature during the winter period and shading had plus effects to the seedling growths. Therefore, under the cultivate conditions, the growth of seedlings was listed C, A and B condition in order. The growth of aboveground parts of seedlings such as shoot length, number of leaves under the artificial conditions was smaller than that under the field condition. On the conversely, the growth of underground parts under the former one was larger than that under the latter one. Therefore, the ratio of top and root of seedlings under the former conditions (0.87∿0.99) was smaller than that of the latter one. These values of ratio were smaller than that of land tree species, extremely. Under one of the artificial cultivate conditions, seedling growth was better than the growth of field condition. However, the quality of cultivating seedlings was not beyond that of nature one.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3797
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.40 p.115 -121
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