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Title :Supplemental description of a rare brackish-water crab, Moguai pyriforme Naruse, 2005 (Decapoda: Brachyura: Camptandriidae), with an emphasis on male morphology
Title alternative :汽水性稀少カニ類ヨウナシカワスナガ二(ムツハアリアケガニ科)の記載補遺—とくに雄の形態について
Authors :Kishino, Tei
Nomoto, Akihito
Yonezawa, Toshihiko
Kimura, Satomi
Wada, Keiji
Authors alternative :岸野, 底
野元, 彰人
米沢, 俊彦
木邑, 聡美
和田, 恵次
Issue Date :25-Feb-2014
Abstract :Moguai pyriforme Naruse, 2005, is a rare brackish-water crab, occurring in riverbeds of brackish waters as well as subtidal flats near river mouths with pebbly-muddy substratum in the central Ryukyu Islands, southern Japan. This species was originally described based on only 3 female specimens collected from Okinawa-jima and Amami-oshima islands, and therefore male morphology was unknown. Our study provides detailed male morphological features based on 5 specimens from the Amami-oshima Islands, and compares them with the female specimens as well as congeners. The diagnostic features of the genus Moguai have been also amended.
ヨウナシカワスナガニは琉球列島中部の泥干潟に出現する汽水性の稀種である.この種は沖縄島と奄美大島から得られた雌3 個体に基づいて,2005 年に新種記載された.本報告では,奄美諸島から得られたヨウナシカワスナガニ雄5 個体を基に,これまで知られていなかった雄の詳細な形態を雌と比較しながら記載し,さらに同属他種の形態情報とも比較した.その結果から,本種が属するコウナガカワスナガニ属の標徴形質を再定義した.
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :2187-6657
Publisher :Ryukyu University Museum, Fujukan
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/38626
Citation :Fauna Ryukyuana Vol.10 p.1 -8
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