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Title :住民主体の河川環境保全・再生活動活性化のための地域分析と可能性評価
Authors :神谷, 大介
池田, 晴香
赤松, 良久
Authors alternative :Kamiya, Daisuke
Ikeda, Haruka
Akamatsu, Yoshihisa
Issue Date :May-2014
Abstract :住民が主体となった河川環境の保全・再生活動を活性化させるための政策的知見を得ることを目的に,l級水系を対象として,活動の変遷,現状の活動有無に関する判別分析,活動が起こりやすい地域を明らかにするための活動ポテンシャルを評価した.特に,実用性に鑑み,既存統計資料を用いた活動ポテンシャル評価モデルの作成を行ったこの結果,小学校が近くにある場所で活動が起こりやすいこと,流域連携が活動活性化に対して有効な手段であることが示された.特に,河川環境行政の柱のlつであるけ「川の学習」に関しては,中国地方における分析より,小学校の存在よりも流域連携が大きな役割を果たすことが示された.
It is important that residents do river environmental management,because reducing govemmental burden,minimization of the psychological distance of residents and river and strengthening regional socialnetwork. Recently,these activities by cooperation of residents and administration are done. The purpose of this study is to create the assessment model for potential of resident activities considering with social capital and usefulness,and to make the potential maps of various kinds of activity. Firstly,the changing process ofmanagement activities are analyzed of class A river. The activity began in the East Japan and spread through the whole country in the 1990s. Most of old activity contents were cleaning,but in late years avariety ofactivity including the river environment study. Secondly,linear discriminant analysis about doing activity or not was done in Chugoku,Shikoku and Kyushu districts. The river where activity is done has an elementary school near and an own house rate is high. Thirdly,the activity potential evaluation by the logistic regression analysis is done. It is shown to be high activity potential in the river where basin cooperation is carried out. It is thought that the basin cooperation functions as the bridging type social capital. An activity potential map is made using this evaluation model. The potential evaluation model about individual activity contents are made. The effect of the basin cooperation was shown quantitatively by making an evaluation model.
URL :https://doi.org/10.2208/jscejhe.70.22
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :2185-467X
Publisher :公益社団法人土木学会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/38730
Citation :土木学会論文集B1(水工学) Vol.70 no.2 p.22 -31
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