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Title :含蜜糖(黒糖)の品質および成分(農芸化学科)
Title alternative :Relationships between the quality and constituents of non-centrifugal sugar (Kokuto) prosessed by mills in Okinawa (Department of Agricultural Chemistry)
Authors :仲宗根, 洋子
志茂, 守孝
玉城, 典子
細山田, 義行
Authors alternative :Nakasone, Yoko
Simo, Moritaka
Tamashiro, Noriko
Hosoyamada, YoshiYuki
Issue Date :5-Dec-1989
Abstract :黒糖成分の,等級によって表示される品質への影響を明らかにすることを目的として,工場から直接得た黒糖を実験材料に用いて,その成分を分析すると共に,多変量解析の一つのパス解析によって9変数(成分)間相互の因果関係を調べた。その結果,黒糖成分は次のような平均的含量を示した。 : K : 12776±2502,Ca;2055±347,Mg;1279±222,Na;204±81,P;149±77,Fe;77±40,Mn;13.02±6.9,Zn;10.17±8.2,ショ糖;87±3.5,還元糖;3.04±1.1,灰分;4.2±0.7,色価;47±21。黒糖成分間相互の因果関係をパス係数によって調べた結果,品質については,その70%がFig.1に示した8因子(成分)によって決定されていることがわかった。更に,ショ糖および鉄は品質に対して強い影響力をもっており, それぞれの影響力は還元糖やMgの3倍に及んだ。Mn, Ca, Kおよび色価は品質に何ら影響力を有しなかった。ショ糖に対しては色価, MnおよびMgが, また色価に対してはMn, CaおよびFeが, 大きな影響力をもつ成分であった。
Thirty one samples of Kokuto, a non-centrifugal sugar consisting of sucrose and molasses, were collected from the Kokuto mills in Okinawa and their chemical and physical properties were examined in relation to the quality of the product. It was found that minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus were contained in Kokuto in the decreasing order of content, independent of the processing method and the grade of quality. The average of each constituent was as follows : K : 12776±2502,Ca : 2055±347,Mg 1279±222,Na : 204±81,P : 149±77,Fe : 77±40,Mn : 13.02±6.9,Zn : 10.17±8.2,sucrose : 87±3.5,reducing sugar : 3.04±1.1,ash : 4.2±0.7,color value : 47±21. The quality was found to be affected by the content of iron, sucrose, reducing sugar, and magnesium, where their path coefficients were -0.48,0.48,0.17,and -0.13,respectively. The determination coefficient of the quality with model in Fig. 1 was 0.71. From the path coefficients of the constituents shown in Fig. 1,outstanding effects as follow were obtained : the effects of color value (0.63), Mn (0.39) and Mg (-0.39) on sucrose; those of Mn (0.52), Ca (0.47) and Fe (-0.40) on color value; and those of Mg (0.60) and Ca (0.37) on reducing sugar. These results indicate that each constituent or property mentioned above can be important parameter for evaluating sugar quality, sucrose content, color value, and reducing sugar content as follows : the content of iron and sucrose for quality evaluation, color value and the content of Mn and Mg for sucrose content, the content of Mn, Ca, and Fe for color value, and the content of Mg and Ca for reducing sugar content.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3877
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.36 p.67 -72
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