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Title :熱帯・亜熱帯性資源植物の収集・保存に関する研究 (II) : 西表島の森林資源について(農学部付属熱帯農学研究施設)
Title alternative :Studies on the collection and preservation of tropical and subtropical economically important plants (II) : Forest resources in Iriomote Island (Research Institute of Tropical Agriculture)
Authors :新本, 光孝
新里, 孝和
山盛, 直
平田, 永二
Authors alternative :Aramoto, Mitsunori
Shinzato, Takakazu
Yamamori, Naoshi
Hirata, Eiji
Issue Date :5-Dec-1989
Abstract :本研究は, 西表島の森林植物の分布および資源量について明らかにしたものである。その結果を要約するとつぎのとおりである。1.西表島の森林は, 熱帯林と亜熱帯林とに大別される。さらに熱帯林はマングローブ林, 海岸乾性林, 熱帯広葉樹林にわけられる。低平地および河川の流域は, 熱帯林でおおわれ, 丘陵地および山の中腹以上は亜熱帯林を構成している。2.森林調査における出現樹種は91種であった。樹種別の本数率は, イタジイ13%, タブノキ6%, リュウキュウマツ6%, エゴノキ5%, シャリンバイ3%で, これらの5種で全体の33%を占め, 残りの67%は他の86種で占められている。樹種別の材積率は, イタジイ25%, リュウキュウマツ10%, タブノキ6%, オキナワウラジロガシ5%, エゴノキ4%で, これらの5種で全体の50%を占め, 残りの50%は他の86種で占められている。用途別の本数率は, 構造材36%, 工芸材5%, 染料材5%, そして器具材4%であった。材積率は構造材, 工芸材, 染料材および器具材は, それぞれ58%, 4%, 3%および2%であった。3.森林調査の推定誤差率は, 平均胸高直径4.6%, 平均樹高3.4%, ha当り本数9.8%, ha当り胸高断面積7.2%, ha当り材積9.1%であった。ha当りの本数および材積は, それぞれ3,728±365,114.6±10.4m^3であった。平均胸高直径および平均樹高は, それぞれ8.7±0.4cm, 5.8±0.2mであった。このように, 樹種構成の多様性, 複層的構成および標高位置における植生の変化などが西表島における森林資源の特徴である。
The present survey clarified the distribution and productivity of the forest plants in Iriomote Island. The results of the study are summarized as follows : 1. The forest of Iriomote Island can be divided into two main classes, tropical forest and subtropical forest. The former is subdivided into three classes, mangrove, coast xeropyte forest and tropical hardwood forest. The low land and river basin are covered by the tropical forest, while the hill land and above the mountainside are overgrown with the subtropical forest. 2. The number of species in the forest survey was 91. The percentages of number of trees by species were Castanopsis sieboldii 13%, Persea thunbergii 6%, Pinus luchuensis 6%, Styrax japoincus 5% and Raphiolepsis indica ssp. umbellata 3%. These 5 species accounted for 33% of the whole, and the remaining 67% was occupied by the other 86 species. The percentages of volumes by species were Castanopisis sieboldii 25%, Pinus luchuensis 10%, Persea thunbergii 6%, Quercus miyagii 5% and Styrax japonicus 4%. These 5 species accuonted for 50% of the whole, and the remaining 50% was occupied by the other 86 species. The percentages of number of trees by use were structural timber 36%, industrial timber 5%, dyer's timber 5% and implemental timber 4%. The percentages of volumes of structural timber, indstrial timber, dyer's timber and implemental timber were 58%, 4%, 3% and 3%, respectively. 3. The estimated rates of error in forest inventory were mean diameter breast height 4.6%, mean tree height 3.4%, number of tree per hectare 9.8%, basal area per hectare 7.2% and volume per hectare 9.1%. The number of tree and volume per hectare were 3,728±365 and 114.6±10.4m^3,respectively. The mean diameter breast height and mean tree height were 8.7±0.4cm and 5.8±0.2m, respectively. As already mentiond, the important charactristics of the forest resouces in Iriomote Island are diversity of tree species, composition of compound storied forest and change of forest plants by the height from the sea level.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3885
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.36 p.137 -149
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