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Title :ジャイアント タイプ ギンネムの無施肥栽培による生産性の研究(農学部附属農場)
Title alternative :Studies on the productivity of giant type leucaena cultivation without fertilizing (Agricultural Experiment Station)
Authors :古謝, 瑞幸
Authors alternative :Koja, Zuiko
Issue Date :5-Dec-1988
Abstract :ジャイアント タイプ ギンネムは無肥料でも生産を上げることが他の試験で示唆されたので, 畦間120cm, 刈取り高地上100cmに拡大して, 無肥料による生産性について試験を行った。試験地はアルカリ性泥灰岩土壤で, ギンネムの供用品種はk72aであった。1.試験区は50.4m^2(畦長3.0m, 畦間1.2m, 15畦)の3反復で, 1982年5月29日に播種し, 1984年5月7日から11月26日の間に6回の刈取り調査を行った。2.年間の総生草収量は152.1m^2当り, 約1,470kgで, その中の65.2%は葉部, 残りの34.8%は茎部であった。3.総生草収量の25.9%は乾物で, その中の64.1%は葉部, 35.9%は茎部であった。4.年間で草丈が最もよく生長する時期は6月下旬から7月下旬で, 1日の生長値は3試験区の平均で3.6cmであった。
A series of experiment on the production of leucaena showed that the plant well harvested at the soil without fertilization. On the basis of the results the experiment was made under the condition of non-fertilization to establish the adequate row spacing for the cultivation of leucaena in case of grazing of cattle. The soil used in this experiment was an alkaline marl-like sedimentsgray clayat the Experimental Farm of University of the Ryukyus. The results obtained are as follows : The plot dimentions were 3.0m×16.8m with 3 replicates, and 15 rows which consisted of 3.0m in length with 1.2m row spacing were arranged in each plot. On May 29,1982,4.4g seeds were applied in each row. The growing plants were always cut at a height of 100cm above the ground level so that the cattle could graze the leucaena pasture by free moving the row spacing. Six times of cutting for regrowed stems were performed from May 7 to November 26 in 1984. Whole green yields of 1,465.9kg were obtained from 152.1m^2 (50.4m^2×3) in a year, and the yields consisted of 65.2% of leaf (leaf plus tender stem) and 34.8% woody stem. The ratio of dry matter in the green yields was 25.9%, and 64.1% of the dry matter consisted of leaf and then the rests was woody stem. The highest daily growth weight of the green yields per 152.1m^2 was 7.51kg at the 3rd cutting among the 6 cutting times. The time corresponded to from late June to late July. The highest ratio of dry matter in the green yields was recorded in the plants developed between September and April. The highest growing of the stem length was recorded between late June and late September, and the lowest was between November and April.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3901
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.35 p.129 -135
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