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Title :沖縄におけるイタジイ林の更新 : 3. イタジイ稚苗の生育におよぼす被陰の影響(予報)(農学部附属演習林)
Title alternative :Regeneration of Castanopsis sieboldii forest in Okinawa 3. Effects of shading on the growth of C. sieboldii seedlings (Preliminary report) (Forestry Experiment Station)
Authors :新里, 孝和
翁長, ミエ
金城, 原一郎
田場, 和雄
平田, 永二
山盛, 直
Authors alternative :Shinzato, Takakazu
Onaga, Mie
Kinjo, Genichiro
Taba, Kazuo
Hirata, Eiji
Yamamori, Naoshi
Issue Date :5-Dec-1988
Abstract :イタジイの天然更新における被陰の影響について, 5種類の人工被陰枠で被陰処理し, 稚苗の形態的な変化を調べた。稚苗の生存率は被陰処理区間に差がなく, 播種粒数の約2/3が生存しているが, 相対照度100%区では大部分が枯死した。相対照度の低下により漸次苗高は増大するが, 逆に根元直径は小さくなる傾向を示す。そのため比較苗高は相対照度の低下にともなって増大し, 被陰によって幹の形状は細長くなった。各器官の重量は相対照度100%区で最大となり, 被陰が強くなるにつれて減少した。処理中の⊿W_Tの各器官への配分率について, 葉と根への配分率は相対照度45%付近で高く, それより相対照度が高くなっても低くなってもそれらの配分率は低下していく。単位葉重量あたりの葉面積は相対照度の低下にともなって増大し, 葉の陰葉化がおこる。
The effects of shading on the growth of seedling of Castanopsis sieboldii Hatusima were studied under six different light intensities, which were set, by means of green saran screens, at 100,69,45,24,14,and 11 percent of full daylight, respectively. The shading treatments were carried out from October, 1985 to April, 1987,after which the size of leaves and the weight of leaves, stems, branches, and roots were measured. The number of surviving seedlings from the shading treatments were about 2/3 of the sowed seeds. The most of seedlings died under 100% daylight. The seedlings, being affected by the shading, increased in the height growth as the relative light intensity decreased. Their growth in the basal diameter, on the other hand, attained maximum when grown under 100% daylight but decreased with the lower light intensities. The height/diameter ratio, therefore, tended to increase by the shading and the stem of the seedlings became longer and slender. The maximum dry weights of roots, stem plus branch, leaf and total were observed at 100% daylight and these weights declined as the relative light intensity decreased. In the distribution proportion of the total weight, the proportions of leaf and root were maximum at about 45% relative light intensity. The proportion of stem plus branch became approximately even throughout the treatments. The root development was markedly inhibited at the relative light intensity below 24%. The ratio of leaf size to leaf weight increased with decreasing relative light intensity (Fig. 5). The leaves tended to be transformed into shade leaf by the shading treatments.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3902
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.35 p.137 -145
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