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Title :黒毛和種における給与飼料形態の採食行動と反芻行動に及ぼす影響(畜産学科)
Title alternative :Effects of feed length on feeding and ruminating behavior in Japanese black cattle (Department of Animal Science)
Authors :大城, 政一
古謝, 瑞幸
Authors alternative :Oshiro, Seiichi
Koja, Zuiko
Issue Date :5-Dec-1987
Abstract :1,5,10,30及び50cm長さに切断したネピアグラスを黒毛和種2頭に給与した際の採食行動と反芻行動を観察し, 同時に相互の関係についても検討した。実験は牛舎内で動物をスタンチョンに収容し, 各種給餌区に供して行った。採食行動は, 給餌時刻の10時と16時に最も長く, 日の入後の24 : 00頃及び日の出後の8 : 00頃にもやや高い値を示した。反芻時間は2回の給餌後1時間を除けば各時間帯に認められた。また, 2回の給餌後における反芻時間の減少は, 他の2回の採食活発時間帯における反芻時間の減少より著しかった。総反芻回数, 総反数時間, 反芻時間/単位摂取量, 咀嚼時間/単位摂取量, (咀嚼時間+反芻時間)/単位摂取量, 採食量, 再咀嚼行動及び1反芻当りの反芻行動は各給餌区間に有意な差はなかった(P<0.01)。総咀嚼回数と総咀嚼時間は1cm給餌区が他の4給餌区より有意に低い値を示し, 総休止時間は他の4給餌区より有意に多かった(P<0.01)。上記のことから, 採食行動と反芻行動の日内変動は給餌により強く影響されているが, 昼夜の日内リズムも認められた。また, 1cm給餌区は反芻行動への影響は認められないものの, 採食行動への影響が示された。
The experiment was planned to study the feeding and ruminating behavior and to study the circadian rythm of feeding and ruminating behavior with Japanese black cattle fed by 1,5,10,30 and 50cm Napier grass on the stanchon stall in the livestock barn. Masticating time indicated four peaks at 10 : 00 and at 16 : 00 that animals were fed, and at about 24 : 00 after sunset (19 : 17) and at about 8 : 00 after sunrise (5 : 38). Ruminating time was found during 22 hours without 2 hours after two feeding in a day. The decrease of ruminating time during the increase of mastications after sunset and sunrise were different the lost of ruminating time during one hour after two feeding. Ruminations, ruminating time, ruminating time/feed intake, mastications/feed intake, (masticating+ruminating time)/feed intake, feed intake, remasticating behavior, ruminating behavior/a rumination were not significantly different between 5 feeding experiments. Mastications and masticating time were significantly different between 1cm feeding and other feeding. 1cm feeding was significantly lower than 10,30,and 50cm feedings in mastications and masticating time, and was significantly more than other feeding in resting time during 24 hours (P<0.01). The above mentioned, feeding and ruminating behavior were remarkably influenced by feeding and were found the circadian rythm. 1cm feeding suggest the influence on feeding behavior, though it didnot influence no the ruminating behavior.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3910
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.34 p.59 -65
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