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Title :破壊した木材の細胞の変形(林学科)
Title alternative :Deformation of cell wall in failure wood (Department of Forestry)
Authors :林, 弘也
遠山, 隆幸
仲田, 真
Authors alternative :Hayashi, Hiroya
Tohyama, Takayuki
Nakata, Sin
Issue Date :5-Dec-1986
Abstract :繊維軸方向に圧縮荷重を受けた木材の仮道管壁のSlip planeを観察し, 次の結果を得た。1.Slip planeは単壁型と両壁型があり, 単壁型は3型式, 両壁型は2型式ある。2.早材部仮道管壁には主に両壁型Slip planeが生じ, 晩材部仮道管壁には主に単壁型Slip planeが生じる。3.放射組織に接する仮道管壁のSlip plane数は放射組織に接しない仮道管壁のSlip plane数とほぼ同数であるが, 晩材部では放射組織に接しない仮道管壁のSlip plane数が多い傾向にあった。4.放射組織の上下にある仮道管壁は多数のSlip planeを生じるが, Slip planeの数は放射組織からの距離とともに指数関数的に減少し, 一般の仮道管壁と同じになる。5.圧縮荷重が小さい場合は, 放射組織に接する仮道管壁のSlip plane数は放射組織に接しない仮道管壁のSlip plane数よりも多く, 放射組織の上下端にある放射柔細胞に接する仮道管壁に最も多くのSlip planeを生じる。6.Slip planeは細胞壁内の構造変化であるが, 仮道管内腔表面に変形を生じる場合もあることが認められた。
The influence of early and late wood and ray on slip planes in tangential tracheid walls of SUGI-wood (Cryptomeria japonica), which was subjected to longitudinal compression, was studied with the polarizing microscope. The number of slip planes was much the same number in one growth ring of failed wood. But the slip planes of tracheid walls in contact with a ray were more nurmerous than the slip planes in other tracheid walls at low levels of load to the failure load. According to the slip plane classification, the slip planes of single wall type were developed mainly in late wood and the slip planes of double wall type were developed mainly in early wood. The ray significantly influenced the occurance of slip planes. Slip planes were preferentially developed at the traheid walls near the ray margin, which were not in contact with a ray. The distance from ray margin, where slip planes developed preferentially, was longer in early wood than in late wood. At low levels of load, slip planes developed preferentially at the tracheid walls in contact with the most upper or the most lower parenchyma cells of a ray. Survey with the electron microscope demonstrated that slip planes of S I and D I were the stage shifting from the dislocation in a cell wall to the deformation of cell wall surface.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3927
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.33 p.221 -227
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