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Title :ニガウリ (Momordica charantia L.) の性表現について(農学部附属農場)
Title alternative :On the sex expression of Momordica charantia L. (Agricultural Experiment Station)
Authors :米盛, 重保
藤枝, 國光
Authors alternative :Yonemori, Shigeyasu
Fujieda, Kunimitsu
Issue Date :2-Dec-1985
Abstract :九州, 沖縄, 東南アジアからニガウリの在来種を19系統収集して性表現の変異, 性表現に及ぼす温度・日長の効果および果実の形態的特性について調査した。1)全ての系統が雌雄同株で, 花芽の分化は親づるの5&acd;6節以上に見られ, その性表現は著しい変異があった。2)沖縄産のUR-10,UR-11,UR-14,UR-15と宮崎産のUR-18,UR-19が雌花着生力が最も強く節成り性も認められた。しかし東南アジア産の系統は雌花着生が弱く親づるの30節中には雌花着生はなかった。3)低温処理(20℃)および低夜温処理(25℃&rlarr;15℃)で雌花着生力が強化され, さらに短日処理(8時間)により効果が顕著に現れた。4)ニガウリは混性キュウリと類似の雌花着生の遺伝的変異が認められ, また雌花着生力はキュウリの標準型と同様な温度・日長反応を示した。^<(4,5,6,7,8,9)>5)果実の形態的特性は系統により種々の変異がみられ, その変異には九州, 沖縄, 東南アジアの地域性が認められた。
After collecting nineteen strains of local Momordica charantia L. in KYUSHU districts including OKINAWA prefecture and SOUTH EAST ASIA countries, we examined the variation of sex expression, the temperature as well as the day length effects on the sex expression and the shape properties of fruits. 1) All strains were monoecious. Differentiation of the flower buds were observed upper than 5&acd;6 nodes in a main stem, and they significantly varied their sex expression. 2) OKINAWAN UR-10,UR-11,UR-14,UR-15 as well as MIYAZAKI UR-18 and UR-19 produced the most quantity of female flowers and they had fruits at every nodes. SOUTH EAST ASIAN seeds, on the other hand produced less female flowers, and any female flower was not found within first 30 nodes in main stem. 3) Female flower produced was improved by low temperature treatment (20°c) and by chilling treatment in night (25&rlarr;15°c). Moreover, the effect of the treatment was remarkably increased with simultaneous short day treatment. 4) Momordica charantia L. showed the same hereditary variation of female flower producing to monoecious cucumbers, and its female flower producing was samely effected by temperature and day length to standard cucumber. 5) The shape properties of fruits showed miscellaneous variation, and the properties varied according to the place, for example. OKINAWA, KYUSHU and SOUTH EAST ASIA.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/3952
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.32 p.183 -187
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