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Title :バガスとオガクズを利用した腐葉土の試作 : 第 1 報 試作過程で得られた 2,3 の知見について(農芸化学科)
Title alternative :A trial manufacture of organic mold using bagasse and sawdust I. Some informations obtained from the process of manufacturing organic mold.(Department of Agricultural Chemistry)
Authors :志茂, 守孝
渡嘉敷, 義浩
菊池, 裕之
大屋, 一弘
Authors alternative :Shimo, Moritaka
Tokashiki, Yoshihiro
Kikuchi, HiroYuki
Oya, Kazuhiro
Issue Date :1-Dec-1982
Abstract :産業廃棄物を有効に利用して有機質肥料を作るために, バガスとオガクズの混合物に作物を栽培しながら腐葉土を試作することを試みた。作物培地はバガス, カンナクズおよびノコクズを1 : 1 : 1の生重比で混合したものを用いた。肥料は作物栽培前に元肥として水耕液を全量施用し, 追肥をしなかった。作物はキュウリ, 山東菜, 白菜, 二十日大根, キャベツを栽培し, 毎日散水した。栽培期間(70日)を通じて塩基類や他の養分は溶脱し, 作物の生長はかなり抑制された。栽培後の培地はある程度腐朽化の特徴が認められ, いずれも完全ではないが腐葉土化したものが得られた。試作腐葉土の諸性質は次の通りであった。炭素, 窒素, リン酸, カリ, 石灰および苦土含有率は42∿47,0.24∿0.38,0.013∿0.031,0.35∿0.59,0.37∿0.62および0.04∿0.08%をそれぞれ示した。C/N比は121∿190を示した。pHは4.91∿7.18,CECは86∿209me/100g, ECは0.14∿0.25mmho/cmをそれぞれ示した。また, 酢安可溶性のCaOは0.26∿0.42%を示し他のMgO, K_2OおよびNa_2Oはいずれも0.03∿0.05%をそれぞれ示した。
Changes of physical and chemical properties of a mixture of organic materials such as bagasse, wood shavinas and sawdust were investigated in order to produceFuyodo, a kind of organic mold, through using it as the cultivation medium. Bagasse, wood shavings and sawdust were mixed with a even weight ratio and put into pots. And all nutrient were added in various culture solutions at the beginning. Vegetables such as cucumber, santosai (a sort of chinese cabbage), cabbage, chinese cabbage and radish were sowed and grown for 70 days. Enough water was given every day. No additional nutrients were given and insufficiency of nutrients resulting from probable leaching appeared to cause somewhat inferior growth of the vegetables. The organic mixture became finer in texture with semidecayed appearance after the pot experiment. Its chemical properties examined follows. Percents of C, N, P_2O_5,K_2O, CaO and MgO were in ranges of 42 to 47,0.24 to 0.38,0.013 to 0.31,0.35 to 0.59,0.37 to 0.62 and 0.04 to 0.08,respectively. Their values were higher than those with the raw mixture before the experiment except for C and P_2O_5. The C/N ratio ranged from 121 to 190,the pH was 4.91 to 7.18,CEC 86 to 209me/100g, and EC 0.14 to 0.25mmho/cm. Ammonium acetate soluble bases were 0.26 to 0.42% as CaO, 0.03 to 0.05% as each of K_2O, MgO and Na_2O.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4020
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.29 p.19 -29
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