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Title :ヤギの採食時生理諸元に及ぼす第一胃内への各種温度の水注入の影響(畜産学科)
Title alternative :Effects of the instillation of the water kept at 0,10,20,30,40,or 50℃ into the rumen on the physiological response of feeding goats.(Department of Animal Science)
Authors :大城, 政一
金城, 清
高橋, 宏
Authors alternative :Oshiro, Seiichi
Kinjo, Kiyoshi
Takahashi, Hiroshi
Issue Date :1-Dec-1982
Abstract :ヤギの採食時生理諸元に及ぼす第一胃内温変化の影響を, 採食開始と同時に第一胃内へ各種温度の水を注入することによって, 第一胃内温を変動させて検討した。その結果, 直腸温は0,10,20,30,40℃水注入実験で正常採食実験より採食開始後から実験終了まで低かった。また, 50℃水注入では45分まで正常採食実験と同様の上昇を示したが, その後は正常採食実験より低い値であった。呼吸数は各種温度の水注入実験において, 正常採食実験より採食開始後3時間にわたって低い値を示し, それらのうちで0,10,20℃水注入実験では30,40,50℃水注入実験よりさらに低い値を示した。心拍数は採食開始と同時にすべての実験において著増し, 各種温度の水注入の影響は認められなかった。第一胃内中部温・下部温はともに0,10,20,30℃水注入後に注入水の温度に依存して低下した。いずれの実験においても第一胃内下部温が中部温より著しい低下を示した。40℃水注入においては正常採食実験値と同様の変動を示した。50℃水注入では第一胃内中部温・下部温ともに注入直後に一時上昇を示した。しかし, 採食開始1時間以後の各種温度の水注入実験の第一胃内中部温・下部温は正常採食実験より低い値であった。総採食量は各種温度の水注入によってほとんど変化しなかったが, 採食速度は採食開始後15分時の正常採食実験値より50℃水注入実験値は有意(P<0.01)に高い値を示した。
The effects of rumen temperature on the physiological response of feeding goats were examined by controlling rumen temperature with the instillation of the water whose temperature was kept at 0,10,20,30,40 or 50℃ into the rumen of the goats tested. The rectal temperature of the goats in the experiment carried out using the water kept at 0,10,20,30,40℃ were lower than that observed under the normal feeding condition over the feeding period up to 5 hours. The rectal temperature observed under the instillation of the water kept at 50℃ increased up to the value of the normal feeding until 45 minutes after the initiation of feeding, and then was lower value in comparison to the normal feeding after 45 minutes. An increase in respiratory rates observed in all of the water-instillation experiments were lower than that found in the normal feeding experiment for the initial 3 hours of feeding, and those obtained by instilling the water kept at 0,10,20℃ were lower than those found under the instillation of water kept at 30,40,50℃ over the whole period of feeding. heart rate was quickly increased at the onset of feeding in all experiments, and was not influenced by instilling water into the rumen. Both middle and lower rumen temperature were decreased in proportion to the temperature of the water instilled immediately after pouring the water kept at 0,10,20,30℃ into the rumen, and lower rumen temperature was usually colder than the middle rumen temperature. The both rumen temperatures mentioned above in the case of the introduction of the water kept at 40℃ showed similar responses as those in the normal feeding and those under the influence of the water kept at 50℃ were temporary increased just after the instillation of the water. After one hour of the feeding, however, the both rumen temperature in all water-introduction experiments were lower than those in the normal feeding experiment. The rate of feed intake (g/15min) and total amount of feed intake (kg/5 hours) were not influenced by all of the treatment with the water instillation carried out in this work.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4038
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.29 p.209 -216
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