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Title :ウシの潜在性乳房炎に関する研究 : I. California mastitis test (CMT) による検出状況(畜産学科)
Title alternative :A study of latent mastitis of cattle : I. Results of detection of mastitis by the modified California mastitis test (CMT)(Department of Animal Science)
Authors :日越, 博信
八幡, 辰正
仲本, 聖輝
香西, 献
宇治, 達哉
藤沢, 倫彦
Authors alternative :Higoshi, Hironobu
Hachiman, Tatsumasa
Nakamoto, Seiki
Kozai, Ken
Uji, Tatsuya
Fujisawa, Tomohiko
Issue Date :1-Dec-1982
Abstract :沖縄県における乳牛の潜在性乳房炎の発生状況を知る目的で, 本島南部地区(1980年, 同一地域を夏季と秋季に, 延べ201頭, 780試料)および北部地区(1981年, 2地域の計148頭, 575試料)の搾乳中のウシから分房ごとに採取した試料について, 調査を行なった。CMTで凝集程度が十以上を陽性とすると, 分房別では南部地区29.7%, 北部地区28.3%, 頭数別ではそれぞれ61.2%と63.5%であり, 両地区に大きな違いはなかった。また, 南部地区における夏季と秋季の陽性率は, 分房別および頭数別ともにほぼ同じであった。しかし, 北部地区の陽性率では地域によって大きく異なり, A地域は分房別で33.8%, 頭数別で72.8%であったのに対し, B地域はそれぞれ16.0%と42.2%であった。なお, これらの陽性率は, 南部地区および北部地区ともに酪農家によって大きく異なった。陽性牛では, 1分房または2分房陽性のものが多く, これら両者で78.9∿82.9%を占め, 4分房とも陽性のウシは少なかった。CMTによる凝集程度とブリード法による細胞数との関係では, 凝集程度が強いほど細胞数は増加し, 凝集+で平均細胞数は50万/mlを越えた。しかし, この+では, 過半数の試料が細胞数49万/ml以下であった。CMTと細菌数またはpHとの関係では, 凝集程度が強いほど細菌数の多い試料が多く, また凝集程度が強い試料ではpH6.7以上のものが多かった。
For the purporse of knowing the conditions of developing latent mastitis of dairy cattle in Okinawa Prefecture, the authors made an investigation of samples obtained from each quarter of the udder of dairy cattle in the Southern district (780 samples, a total of 201 cows in the summer and autumn seasons in the same district, 1980) and the Northern district (575 samples, 148 cows, a total of two areas, 1981). Assuming that agglutination above plus one by the modified method of CMT is defined as a positive, the Southern district showed 29.7% and the Northern district 28.3% classified by the quarter; the corresponding figures in terms of the number of cattle was 61.2% and 63.5%, respectively. Thus there was seen no great difference between the two districts. The positive rate in the summer and autumn seasons in the Southern district was almost the same for both the quarter and the number of cattle. However, the positive rate in the Northern district varied greatly with the area. A area had 33.8% by quarter and 72.8% by the number of cattle, whereas B area had 16.0% and 42.2%, respectively. Dairy cattle that were positive were mostly positive in one or two quarters, occupying 78.9%-82.9%. Dairy cattle showing positive in all of the quarters were very few. The relationship between agglutination degree by the modified CMT and the number of cells according to the Breed method was as follows : The greater the degree of the agglutination, the greater the number of cells, and the average number of cells with plus one agglutination exceeded 500,000/ml of cell number. However, with this plus one agglutination, the majoirity of the samples had below 490,000/ml of cell number.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4039
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.29 p.217 -223
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