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Title :国頭マージの土壌侵食標準試験区における流亡土量について (2) (沖縄における農地保全の基礎的研究 VIII)(農業工学科)
Title alternative :The Relationship Between Soil Loss and Rainfall Energy on Standard Soil Erosion Testing Plots. (2) (Fundamental Studies on Farm land Conservation in Okinawa VIII.) (Department of Agricultural Engineering)
Authors :翁長, 謙良
Authors alternative :Onaga, Kenryo
Issue Date :11-Dec-1979
Abstract :以上の調査結果からつぎのことがいえる。1)降雨エネルギーと流亡土量との間には, かなりの関連がある。2)植生としてのパインアップルは作付後1年は被覆効果が低い。3)作付1年後あたりから根の土壌保定力の増強と相まって被覆効果が顕著になる。4)試験区におけるガリ網の形態は土層の性状と流去水の流速に支配される。5)観測期間中の流亡土は植生区, 裸地区においてそれぞれ924t/ha, 1193t/haであり, 土壌の仮比重(1.4)から土層厚に換算すると, 年間4cmおよび5cmとなり極めて大きい侵食量である。この値は前報^<3)>の結果と同じ傾向を示すものである。
The purpose of this study is to determine the coefficient of soil erosion factors applicable to northern parts of Okinawa, which excell in Kunigami Maji soil. Two field plots (vegetative and non-vegetative) which are set at an incline of 10 degree have been selected for a soil erosion experiment at Yaka, Kin-son. The peroid of observation is from July 1977 to March 1979 and the rainfall of the area and the soil loss from each plot were caluclated during this period. The results of this observation are as follows : 1. There is a relatively high correlation between the rainfall enegry and the loss of soil. 2. The effect of vegetative cover is low untill the pineapple grows a year. 3. The soil holding capacity of the roots and the covering effect of the pineapple is remarkable after it's one year growth. 4. The gully's type of the field plots are infuluenced by the soil profile and the velocity of runoff. 5. The soil loss from each plot is 924t/ha. (vegetative) and 1193t/ha. (non vegetative) respectively. This is equivalent to 4cm and 5cm soil loss according to soil layer thickness.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4163
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.26 p.329 -335
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