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Title :森林の開墾にともなう植生の変化について : 第 1 報初期における低木および草本類の生態について(附属熱帯農学研究施設)
Title alternative :The cheinging of the plant species and ecology on the reclamation of forest : 1. Ecology of the bushes and herbs in first period (Research Institute of Tropical Agriculture)
Authors :米盛, 重友
Authors alternative :Shigetomo, YoneMori
Issue Date :11-Dec-1979
Abstract :本報は琉球大学農学部附属熱帯農学研究施設において開墾の違いによる植生の経時的な変化について, 開墾後2年間の調査結果である。1. 開墾はレーキドーザーを使用し地形を変えず表土を残した区とブルドーザーで表土を除き平担とした慣行の区を作り, 隣接する自然林を対照区とした。2. 対照区の植生は40科68種で構成され低木層ではヤマヒハツ, モクタチバナ, リュウキュウアオキ, アデク, ケハダルリミノキ, リュウキュウガキ, マンリョウなどが優占種となり草木層ではイリオモテクマタケラン, センリョウ, ヒリウシダ, ツルアダンなどが優占種となっている。3. レーキドーザー区に認められた2年間の植生は14科33種であるが, その内12種は対照区で認められず, 試験区外から種子が飛来したものと思われる。4. ブルドーザー区に認められた2年間の植生は7科10種でその内5種は対照区内に認められず, 試験区外から飛来したものと思われる。5. レーキドーザー区は2年間において植物の種類では対照区の約50%, 対照区内にある植物のみでは30%であるのに対し, ブルドーザー区は植物の種類で14%, 対照区内にある植物では7%にすぎない。6. 開墾区の2年間における植生は環境適応性に強い陽性植物が中心をなしており, 対照区の優占率の高い主要な種類はほとんど認められていない。
This paper was carried out to resurch on chenging of plant species and ecology in deffrent type of reclamation of forest in the Tropical Agriculture Institute of University of the Ryukyus located Iriomote Island. The result of tow years obtanes are briefly summarized as follows; 1. For reclamation leakydozer was keep top soil without chenging the shape of land, the top soil was removed by bulldozer to get flat, wereby natural forest was used for the control area were provid for experiment. 2. Sixty nine species of fourty famllies of plants were found in the control area. In the group of bushes Ilex integra, Sarucandura glabra, Lasuanthus curtisii, Ardisian Siboldii, Silax sebene and lasianthus curtisii Carex brevispica, Cytococcum accrescens, in the group o herb were dominance. 3. Therty three species of fourteen families of plant were found in the leakydozer plot during two years out of which twelve species shoud have gone from another area. 4. Ten species of eight families of plant were found in the bulldozer plot during of two years, out of whcih 7 species should have come from another area. 5. The number of sepcies in leakydozer plot became fifty percent of the control area in during of two years. It was occupied therty percent species for kind of plant in control area. The number of species on the bulldozer plot was fourty percent of control area. It was occupied only seven percent of species for kind of plant in the control area. 6. The plant grown during two years in leakydozer and bulldozer plot were mainly sunny plants that had grater adaptability totthe enviroment. The dominant species in the control plot were not found in the leakydozer and bulldozer.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4183
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.26 p.749 -758
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