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Title :第 V 報 NAA 処理による早生温州の着花(果)調節について(沖縄地域における柑橘類の生態に関する研究)(農学科)
Title alternative :V. Effecf of NAA on control of flowering and fruit set of Wase satuma (C. unshiu var. preaox)(Studies on the Ecology of Citrus in the Islands of Okinawa)(Department of Agriculture)
Authors :比嘉, 照夫
米盛, 重友
Authors alternative :Higa, Teruo
Yonemori, Shigetomo
Issue Date :1-Dec-1978
Abstract :沖縄地域における早生温州の隔年結果対策の一環としてNAA処理による梢枝発生の調節と, 次年度における着花や結実におよぼす影響について検討を行なった結果, 次の諸点が明らかとなった。1.夏季高温時の多肥条件下におけるNAAの萌芽抑制は, 200ppmで無処理区の47%, 500ppmで22%, 1000ppmで12%となり, 濃度が高くなるにつれて著しい効果が認められる。2.萌芽抑制効果の持続期間は, 200ppmで10∿15日, 500ppmで25∿30日, 1000ppmで35∿40日となり, 萌芽抑制と類似の傾向が認められる。3.一般圃場における夏秋梢の抑制については, 新芽発生直前の500ppm, 晩秋梢は200∿500ppmで十分な効果が認められる。4.NAA処理による夏秋または晩秋梢の抑制は, 次年度の着花率をかなり増加させ, 特に生理落果防止に対し著しい効果が認められる。5.NAA処理による梢枝の調節は, 開花期や収穫期の調節にも極めて効果的である。
As one of the method to prevent the alternate bearing of Wase Satuma (C. unshiu var. praeox) in Okinawa district, this study was investigated the control of new shoots sprouting treated by NAA and the influence to the flowering and fruits set in the next year. The results obtained are briefly summarized as fallows : 1. The control of new shoots sprouting treated by NAA under the high nutritional condition with high temperature in summer shows 47 percent by 200ppm, 22 percent by 500ppm, 12 percent by 1000ppm compared with nontreatment. A remarkable effect is recoginized accoding to the concentration of NAA. 2. The period of the effect of buds sprouting control treated by NAA is 10 to 15 days by 200ppm, 25 to 30 days by 500ppm, 35 to 40 days by 1000ppm. It is apt to show the similar percentage of the new shoots sprouting. 3. In the practical application of NAA right befor the new sprouting come out, 500ppm is enough to control the summer and autumn shoots in common citrus orchards, 200 to 500ppm is enough to control the late autumn shoots. 4. The effect of NAA treatment on summer, autumn and late autumn shoots control has fairly increased the rate of flowering and fruits set in the next year. Especially, it has a considerable effect to prevent the phsyiological fruit drop. 5. The regulation of shoots sprouting by NAA treatment has a remarkable effect to control the flowering and harvesting time.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4185
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.25 p.77 -87
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