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Title :沖縄地域における柑橘類の生態に関する研究 : 第 IV 報タンカン Citrus tankan HAYATA について(農学科)
Title alternative :Studies on the Ecology of Citrus in the Islands of Okinawa IV. Ecology of Citrus tankan HAYATA(Department of Agriculture)
Authors :比嘉, 照夫
米盛, 重友
Authors alternative :Higa, Teruo
Yonemori, Shigetomo
Issue Date :1-Dec-1977
Abstract :本研究は沖縄地域におけるタンカンの導入過程や生態調査を行なったもので次の諸点が明らかとなった。1.沖縄地域におけるタンカンは, 1935年頃, 台湾から見本程度に導入されたが, 全域的な経済栽培は1966年からである。2.開花期の早晩は, 開花前冬季の気温や雨量, 更には, 前年の新梢の発生時期と深い関係にあり, 暖冬多雨の場合は早く, 新梢の発生時期が早く早期に充実した樹ほど早期開花となっている。3.着化率も前年の新梢発生時期と深い関係にあり, 発生時期が早く早期に充実した樹ほど高くなり, また, 着果樹よりも無着果樹の方が高い着花率となっている。4.糖は11月中旬より増加し始め, 2月下旬において最高に達するが, 糖含量は気象条件によって大きく異なり, 暖冬多雨の場合は13∿14度, 気温が平年なみで乾燥が続く場合は, 15∿16度となり, 全般に高い糖度を示している。5.酸含量は11月中旬より低下し2月中下旬で1%以下となり, 暖冬の年ほど減酸の程度が早くなっている。6.着色については, 気温と乾燥が大きく影響し暖冬多雨の年は2月中下旬, 低温乾燥の年は12月下旬で完全着色となり著しい幅が認められる。7.タンカンは気象条件の大幅な変動にもかかわらず品質は安定し, 病害虫や台風にも強く沖縄地域にとって好適な品種である。
This paper is to do reserch on the process of introduction of Citrus tankan Hayata to Okinawa district and the ecology. As a result the following have been proved. 1. Citrus tankan Hayata was introduced to Okinawa as a sample about 1935 from Taiwan. It has been actively planted as industry since 1966. 2. The blooming time is closely connected not only with the temperature and rainfall of the previous winter but with the sprouting time of new shoots of the year before. The blooming comes earlier when it is warm and there is much rain. 3. The rate of flower see it closely connected with the sprouting time of new shoots of the year before. The trees bloom earlier in the winter when it is warm and rainy. The trees which have new shoots sprouted earlier in the previous year, bloom earlier. The earlier sprouted shoots and nonbearing trees show higher rate of flowerset. 4. The sugar content is greatly influenced by the weather condition. In a warm year with much rain the sugar content is 13 to 14 percent. In the mean year with little rain the content is 15 to 16 percent. Citrus tankan Hayata shows a high percentage of the sugar content under any weather conditions. 5. The acid content begins decreasing in mid-November and it is less than one percent at the end of February. The acid content rapidly decrease in a warm winter. 6. The coloring has greatly influenced by the temperature and the rainfall. In a warm year with much rain the complete coloring is in or after the middle of February. In a cold year with little rain the coloring fulls at the end of December. 7. Although the weather condition in Okinawa is unfavorable, Citrus tankan Hayata is one of the best species for planting in Okinawa district which is strong against disease and insect pest and typhoon. It constantly show a good quality.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4233
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.24 p.159 -168
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